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Jan 19
"i get cramps tool due june 26th. my doc says its just the start of braxton hicks which can begin as early as 7 weeks we just dont really feel them that early. I would say its nothing to worry about unless theres bleeding along with it. "
Jan 19
"im due on the 26th too hehe. do you know what your having yet?"
Jan 19
"due june 26 2016, baby #3"
Jan 19
"how do you even add yourself to a forum? lol due june 26 2016 baby #3"
Jan 19
"Congrats. I have two boys aswell and due with #3 june 26th. My doctor thinks im having a boy but said she still wasnt convinced so we have to wait for my anatomy scan jan 28th. its killing me haha""
Jun 10, 2014
"thanks everyone i wil try all these suggestions. "
May 09, 2014
"Help, When I'm not feeling in the mood to make love to my husband he gets mad and says things like "u only want to make love when u feel like it, what about me." But having sex hurts when I'm not horny and he doesn't get that u have to w..."
Oct 20, 2011
"im still here haha. im a week overdue today. baby just does not want to come out! im having contractions though i think about 15 mins apart but this has been happening for a couple of days now, arhhhh"
Sep 23, 2011
"at my 37 week appointment today my babies head is down and low. my cervix is still closed but very soft, ive been having period like cramps on and off they are getting stronger each week and alot of pressure down there. what do yall thi..."
Sep 11, 2011
"my babies head is down, i also feel his hiccups low too!"