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Sep 15, 2013
"I had a c-section as well and my son is now 8 weeks. Although df and I had sex at 3 weeks pp with no issues. I to was not asked at my 6 week check but at my 2 week pp wound check I was. I did have a tubal litigation so that maybe why I w..."
Aug 28, 2013
"How long has it been since your c-section? I was sore for about a week with mine and made sure to take my pain meds every 6hrs. "
Aug 02, 2013
"Wow! Congrats! Glad all is well with you both."
Aug 02, 2013
"Awww congrats!!! Hope they let you eat soon."
Jul 31, 2013
"Yay it's almost your turn! Can't wait to hear your princess is here!"
Jul 27, 2013
"I would also pack both sizes. The morning of my c-section they did ultrasound to check baby position and said he was 7lb 5oz. Well my lil man came out 6lb 10oz and swims in 0-3 month."
Jul 27, 2013
"I say really think it through before making a decision. Plus your kids are old enough to know and may ask what happen to the baby if you choose adoption. I'm 25 and just had my 4th child on July 18th. My other children are 9, 6, and 20 m..."
Jul 26, 2013
"Don't worry Hun your lil girl will be here before you know it! Enjoy your last few nights of sleep. "
Jul 20, 2013
"Thank you ladies! He is doing great and responding well to antibiotics. I can't wait to take him home!"
Jul 20, 2013
"Prayers for your lil boy!"