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Jul 26, 2010
"Thank you! The so called 'expert' just gives pre-prepared answers. You are wonderful."
Jul 26, 2010
"Hey, I'm 15, male, and have spent the last two years out of school, and life, after a pretty serious breakdown. I have/had BDD, OCD, Depression, and I attempted suicide three times. My problems started at around twelve; I really kn..."
Apr 26, 2010
"Hello, I'd like to know, what qualities do the best candidates for cosmetic surgery have? As in: What do they expect to gain from the surgery? How do they feel towards their perceived defects- how strong is their emotion toward..."
Apr 22, 2010
"Thank you very much Doctor."
Apr 20, 2010
"Hello, I was wondering if there are surgical procedures which enlarge the eyes, for example by removing and the "stretching" the skin around the eyes in order to open them up more? I do not mean getting rid of aged, hooded eyes. I ..."
Apr 20, 2010
"Thank you so much for replying, My problem is I have discussed these options with a dermatologist, and I have made the decision to depigment. My problem is that I live on a tiny island, and the dermatologists here are very inexperien..."
Apr 18, 2010
"I am really sorry to say, but I think pro-bono work is only done on those who have been severely disfigured in accidents etc. Can't you come up with a payment plan- pay a couple of hundred a month?"
Apr 16, 2010
"Hello, I am a fifteen year old male who first developed Vitiligo when I was twelve. Since then (and particularly) in the past few months, it has spread to about 30-40% of my body. Half of my face is now de-pigmented. It is distressing..."