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Mar 23, 2011
"My grandfather died of colon cancer and I am concerned about getting this disease. Does constipation cause colon cancer? I have been constipated most of my life (even though I eat a lot of fruits, veggies and whole grains) and this wor..."
Aug 02, 2010
"I had ovarian cancer staging surgery on May 17th (cancer was discovered in my ovaries when I had a hysterectomy on March 30th). I have an incision from just above my belly button down to the top of my pubic area. The doctor removed my ..."
Aug 02, 2010
"Has anyone had the Endovenous ablation procedure for varicose veins? This is done in the doctor's office and local anethesia is injected into your leg. Are the shots tolerable? Are you glad you had the procedure?"
Jun 17, 2010
"Kasie, Hope you are doing better now. I just flew back from California yesterday and physically, I am feeling fine, but I am having my highs and lows emotionally (medically induced menopause). Take care and get better soon. Love, Gina"
Jun 08, 2010
"Thanks Sweetpea. I did have an ultrasound and no blood clot was found. I have an appointment with a vascular surgeon tomorrow to discuss injecting or removing the vein. Gina"
May 28, 2010
"I have a large varicose vein on the back of my left thigh. Two weeks ago, I had major surgery and this vein is very tender to the touch and hurts somewhat when I walk. Is this from the lack of exercise because of my surgery or could a ..."
May 24, 2010
"Thanks for the good suggestions. Love, Gina"
May 23, 2010
"Prayers for your dear mother. God bless, Gina3754"
May 23, 2010
"I just had my ovarian cancer staging surgery on May 17th and no cancer was found (other than the ovaries on a previous surgery). I was diagnosed with stage 1 papillary serous borderline cancer and no chem is needed as no cancer was foun..."
May 16, 2010
"Becky, Continuing prayers for you and your family. May God give you the strength to beat this illness. We all care about you and love you. Gina"