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Aug 30, 2010
"I think all of the trackers should have an option for exporting the data collected into an excel spreadsheet, so one can create their own reports. If you think this is a great idea, please vote yes and show MedHelp that we want this!!!"
Jun 23, 2010
"I too am sorry to hear about your situation. It seems that a lot of times these manic and depressive episodes are associated with a lot of turmoil in one's life...which is not too surprising since that is when ANYONE is their least healt..."
May 08, 2010
"I lost weight when I switched from lithium to lamictal (I had gained 50 lbs on lithium and lost about 10 after the switch). I more recently stopped taking zyprexa and have lost the rest of the weight. I am living in a developing country,..."
May 06, 2010
"Yes - I've read the pamphlet and it was really is one of many resources I've read and I have seen different stats in different sites. It sounds like this is pretty reliable, though no sources are sited for the stats. For ..."
May 05, 2010
"I want to have "the talk" with someone and instead of saying "there is a possibility of" or "it is thought that" I would love to have some real numbers to discuss."
May 04, 2010
"I have seen a large variance in statistics about HSV2 and I was wondering if anyone had some reliable resources or knowledge of the following statistics. Again, this is for HSV2 Number of people/percentage possibly infected in the Uni..."