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Sep 11, 2011
"Just got my test results in. Although, my doctor said that everything is normal he didnt quite explain to me why they were (normal) ok. My LH was a 10.3 and my FSH is a 8.9. Can you please help? This has me so confused and worried. Thanx..."
Sep 06, 2011
"I conceive on 2nd round of 100mg of clomid, last June. Only to discover that i miscarried that following August. Took a break from ttc. Now I'm back ttc I wanted to reunite with the community and let you all know what im doing as far as ..."
May 16, 2010
"My 1st round of clomid was great. CD 3-7 Ovulated on CD 14 and baby dance with my finance. Just this past week I have been experience sore and tender breast. I know that I'm not pregnant, eventhough I would like that to be the case. AF i..."