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Apr 20, 2012
"Thanks for your email. I think that mood charting is a great idea. I don't think that it is necessarily an either/or (mood charting or taking medication), you could get started mood charting and then if things are not going well you coul..."
Apr 13, 2012
"The risk is with withdrawal or discontinuation. Many of the symptoms you describe could be anxiety. And in terms of treatment having anxiety caused by neurological symptoms is treated the same as having anxiety caused by other things..."
Apr 10, 2012
"Thank you for your message. You have had quite a remarkable life and faced many challenges. As you point out, you have had this before and it seems to go away. I am pretty confident that it will go away again. But the question is wha..."
Apr 05, 2012
"Thanks for your post. I think it is a good idea to get an assessment. It sounds as though mood and anxiety symptoms have had quite an impact on your life already. If you have a primary care doctor, one good starting place would be ..."
Apr 02, 2012
"One problem with many natural supplements is that there is no real quality control. Another problem is that many kinds of tests that are done on medications before they are approved (for instance, what the effects of the medicine is on t..."
Apr 02, 2012
"Some amount of uncertainty is inevitable in medicine, and that can be very hard to deal with. One way that doctors deal with this is by asking themselves the question, what are the things that I might be doing that could make a big dif..."
Apr 01, 2012
"Congratulations on the changes that you made. Clearly you have the ability to channel your energy and intensity in ways that are very positive. Several questions came to mind as I read your post - Is this a dip in energy and aler..."
Mar 31, 2012
"Thank you for writing. I hope that you will find some support and help on these forums. It is very hard to feel alone with this kind of anxiety. Over the years I have found that people worry the most about illness and death when they..."
Mar 29, 2012
"Generally taking a medicine to be comfortable with therapy doesn't seem like an ideal approach. But I suppose there might be circumstances where it would be worth considering... don't know. As for three months. That seems like a good ..."
Mar 27, 2012
"There are limitations to all of the medications that we have to treat anxiety. I am going to assume that the problem you have is what is called generalized anxiety (as opposed to panic disorder, or obsessive compulsive disorder or pos..."