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Aug 01, 2010
"Thank you everyone......he is my lil pride and joy :) good luck an congrates to all of you also!!!"
Jul 31, 2010
"okay so my lil one finally arrived 7/23 at 8:52pm 8.5 lbs 20 in long i am totally stoked about him arriving safely.yes i did say he for all of you who knew my husband and i werent finding out the sex of our baby until birth an we are hap..."
Jul 22, 2010
"yeah but to be 5cm....omg this just seems way wierd...i have four other children an by 5cm i was in the hospital begging for my i just am amazed how i am walking around over half way there and no pains..i think it is reall..."
Jul 21, 2010
"I am 39wks pregnant......okay so i went to the doctors today an as my doctor checked me she looked axtremely pleased. she told me i was 3cm dilated but she can try to stretch my cervix to dialte a littel more but it would be painful so i..."
Jul 05, 2010
"yeah i agree just because this isnt your first doesnt mean you should know everything trust me i am on number 5 an i think i ask just as many questions as a first all five of my pregnancys have been so different the things i f..."
Jul 01, 2010
"i dont think she can i believe as soon as it hits the air the sperm can not survive..but not 100% positive.."
Jul 01, 2010
"to me it sounds like maybe your lil one might be ready soon not to say this week but maybe within the next. i wouldnt worry about trying to worry yourself to death about it being here to early i mean really 35wks you are pretty much good..."
Jul 01, 2010
"i dont feel anything like that. but im not feeling it this morning. it went away after i layed down for a while. so maybe it was pains from over working a muscle or something. i do have 4 other kids all under the age of 8 an 2 over the a..."
Jun 30, 2010
"by the way i am 36 1/2 weeks pregnant :)"
Jun 30, 2010
"okay so i keep getting these pains that start right below my bellly button an it is crazy sharp an it kinda takes my breath away. my belly isnt tightening much just a little but the pain is getting worse. it starts from my belly button t..."