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Dec 15, 2012
"I found out I was pregnant Dec 2...but i had this feeling something wasnt right. So when I went in for my 1st appt at 6 weeks, they did an ultrasound. They said I was measuring BEHIND putting me at 5 weeks. No heartbeat. Could just see t..."
Jul 10, 2011
"im 2 months pp and had unprotected sex with husband. (thought he would pull out) im supposed to start birth control today...i freaked out when he didnt pull i took an opk to see if im at least ok..and it was positive :( so now i..."
Jan 05, 2011
"I am 5 months pregnant and last night and this morning my stomach burns...almost like its ripping or just feels tight..what is this? is it normal and is there anything i can do to ease this feeling (besides loading up on la..."
Dec 06, 2010
"This is my first pregnancy and ive gained about 8-10lbs in the last 4 months. I have no idea if Im on track or not?! I want to make sure im doing ok there... 2nd question...was it fairly easy to get back in shape after you had your ba..."
Nov 24, 2010
"my legs and armpits (weird- i know) itch soooo bad the last several weeks...sometimes i scratch my legs so bad, i cause bruising or light bleeding...main problem is my legs..nothing else.... doc tested me for intrahepatic cholestasis..."
Nov 22, 2010
"Today Ive been having (pretty constant) gurgling/bubble like feeling in my stomach....grrr I cant tell if its gas or the baby? I wish I knew for sure! Its driving me crazy wondering whats happening down really is pretty cons..."
Oct 26, 2010
"Has anyone done this test? I was offered it today as Im 11 weeks...and was just curious how accurate it is...etc etc etc... "
Oct 14, 2010
"Both my boobs have a huge black and blue bruise on them? Is this normal? (I do have implants, but my doc said they would be fine) I dont know if this is from the implants or just normal pregnancy stuff? Im a little worried? :("
Sep 26, 2010
"Thanks Annie! That would be great!!! Keep me posted!"
Sep 26, 2010
"AnnieBrooke, "Siblings without rivalry" is that for kids or more for adults? She is 12.. I tried amazon but couldnt find anything...i tried searching several different names too :( thats why im stuck ("