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Apr 09, 2014 in the Urogynecology Expert Forum - 1
I would suggest you see your gynecologist or urogynecologist for evaluation. There may be many reasons you are experiencing pain with intercourse and the most likely, common, is vaginal atrophy from lack of estrogen. This issue is very treatable. Should there actually be shortening of the vagina, there are procedures to lengthen the vagina. A urogynecolog...
Should you consider having a repair for POP, depending on what type of repair is done, the surgery may affect your pregnancy and/or route of delivery, vaginal vs cesarean. POP may be repaired by using your own tissues, Native Tissue Repair, absorbable grafts often referred to as Biological Grafts, or with the use of non-absorbable mesh. You are correct that...
Prolapse of the Rectum, fallen rectum, is often used to describe the weakening of the vaginal wall between the rectum and vagina allowing the rectum to bulge into the vaginal canal (Rectocele). It must be differentiated from rectal prolapse that describes the condition wherein the walls of the rectum protrude through the anus and are visible outside the body...
Apr 09, 2014 in the Urogynecology Expert Forum - 1
Sorry to read of you problem. I would suggest you see a Urologist or Urogynecologist in your area. You need a urological evaluation to determine why you keep getting an infection. This work up often includes a Renal CT scan and Cystoscopy of the bladder. I am not sure why you had a supracervical hysterectomy, however, recurrent UTI's are not general...
Female genitalia can vary in size and shape a great deal and this is normal. I suspect that you are perfectly normal and your friends are just showing their immaturity and ignorance. Most men are not very experienced when it comes to the female anatomy and I doubt you will experience any problem let alone be judged. Like women, male genitalia differ a gre...
Prolapse. What is it and what can be done. Prolapse is a medical term describing the slipping of moving of a body part or organ from its normal position. More specifically, in females, Prolapse is often used to describe the falling of the urinary bladder (Cystocele), falling of the uterus and/or vagina, and falling of the rectum (Rectocele). These are com...
It is difficult to say what this bump represents. I would encourage you to tell your mother or see a physician. J. Kyle Mathews, MD
Yes, the hymen may be removed if it is causing problems such as you are describing. Your OBGYN should be able to do this for you. J. Kyle Mathews, MD
Mar 10, 2014 in the Urogynecology Expert Forum - 2
Sorry to read of your problem. However, I would suggest you see your doctor for evaluation. It is possible that what you are seeing could be urine. You can also take over the counter AZO Standard which will turn your urine orange. Then look to see if any of the packing is stained orange. J. Kyle Mathews, MD
The current concern of mesh use in POP surgery is about the placement through a transvaginal approach and not the abdominal approach (Robotic or Laparoscopic). Most of the issues with the use of mesh are about exposure of the mesh after surgery. This can occur in both transvaginal and abdominal approaches. You should ask your surgeon what he or she's...