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A pun on Cinderella and a pun on Obi-Wan Kenobi? Really? How old is this guy again? If you name your daughter Sinder, please use a different middle name. Kids aren't toys or pets, they deserve something better than joke names.
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If you leave the wipes in too long, they will dry out. But most wipe warmers don't dry them instantaneously. Just be sure to keep the warmer rather full and not to have it turned on when you go away for a few days.
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Yeah. Tell him what I see my son's teacher say at school: "It's my body, leave it alone." He does not say it in a mean way (a lot of kids are huggers), but he says it clearly and calmly if a kid makes a move. In other words, you do not have to put up with it, and it is not rude to let him know there are limits. Just do it calmly a...
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I am sorry your parents took such a hard line as to say they would not be part of their grandchild's life. Are you able to support yourself and a baby? There is also adoption, and adoptions can be open adoptions. Don't forget that option when you are considering what to do. So many good people want to be parents, the pregnant woman is totally ...
I bought all my bras online.
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Don't worry. It is the love and enthusiasm and care for your partner that carries the day, not the porn-star proportions of your equipment. What you do with it, not what it is. Have fun, be very interested in the other person and what she likes, and you will do great.
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Would he be called Sylar or would he be called Sy?
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I think you are pretty young to handle this. If you love the boyfriend, talk to a counselor about how to deal with stepkids. It's a tricky balance, and it sounds like you are hooked by what the kid says and his dad doesn't know what to do about what he does. If you don't want to go to a counselor, it will probably be a deal breaker in the en...
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You aren't even supposed to have sex every day if you are trying to conceive, much less more than once a day. Having sex daily has a depressing effect on the sperm count. (Not to mention that having sex on demand is a great big libido killer, taking all the fun away from having sex.) My doctor told me that every third day is optimal. I was too nervou...
If he is violating a court order, please have a lawyer talk to him before he gets himself into legal trouble.