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4 minutes in the Adoption Community - 2
It's nice to read this. My husband was 62 when we had our son. I'm was over 50 (thank you, miracles of modern science). If you want to be a parent and everything else is in place and the only thing that worries you is the number (your age), well, that is not enough of a factor to limit you from being a parent, and this is twice as true if you are...
Check the Shettles method. It does not work consistently, but it might work.
13 minutes in the Women's Health Community - 6
The time I had BV (which is not an STD, it is a bacterial infection), the antibiotic run to make it go away was 10 days. Go back to your doc and say it is not gone.
18 minutes in the Pregnancy 18-24 Community - 5
Frankly, it sounds awfully fun. Your baby can have godparents in Spain and here.
28 minutes in the Pregnancy 18-24 Community - 7
I like specialmom's comments and if you can do it, more power to you. But with your pregnancy it sounds like you are saying you maybe are finding the care of a new puppy too much. If that is the case, you might reconsider the puppy. Poorly trained puppies turn into poorly trained dogs, and nobody wants a poorly trained dog. Better to give up the pupp...
34 minutes in the Pregnancy: Social Community - 2
Oh, sorry! Read your post as saying she got it in 2002. If it is as new as 2012, you might be able to tie a seat to the base she has. Go with the serial numbers and contact Graco.
36 minutes in the Pregnancy: Social Community - 2
Probably only Graco's website would be able to tell you if you can find a new carseat that goes with the old base. Simpler just to buy a new set, I'd bet. But if you get a serial number off the old base, you might be able to email Graco and find out if the seat they sell today works with it. I don't even know if you can get a seat without a ...
41 minutes in the Pregnancy 18-24 Community - 4
Honey, maybe nobody is answering because it is not too clear what gastro means. Do you mean a gastrointestinal bug of some kind?
42 minutes in the Pregnancy: Social Community - 2
Adelaide, Imogen, Isla, Maeve, Columba, Delphi, Freesia, Hebe, Persephone, Viveca
48 minutes in the Relationships Community - 4
In my world, if I don't want a relationship, I don't have sex (and oral sex is sex, what do you think it is, shaking hands?) and I don't kiss. Those things are, emotionally speaking, part of the relationship package, not the friendship package, and they tend to really muddy the waters if you really don't have an intention of going long-te...