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Frankly, if you don't remember doing it, what reliable witness do you have that you do it? (Besides your boyfriend, ...
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I agree that this should be seen as a temporary job while he works on his education, there are trade schools he can a...
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Generally speaking, when we're drunk, off come all the constraints that we have on our behavior when we are not drunk...
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You might have an ovarian cyst.
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sorry about the typo double-printing "on a health site." Obviously I wasn't saying a "foreskin able to retract on a ...
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You might talk to a urologist, sometimes a regular MD is not too swift about foreskins. My son's pediatrician tried ...
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Balance it with something Victorian like Poppy or Eliza. Or, make Zamiyah the middle name and go with something more...
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Normal. Google "cervical mucus" or "changes in cervical mucus."
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Are you allergic to latex? (Did you use condoms?)
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