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2 hours in the Pregnancy 25-34 Community - 3
Do what you would do if she gave you a plaid polyester shirt for the baby. Thank her sweetly and set it aside.
2 hours in the Pregnancy 18-24 Community - 2
If he doesn't like Zion, what about Zane?
3 hours in the Pregnancy 18-24 Community - 6
My husband is circumcised and he didn't want our son to go through the pain, so we didn't do it.
Honey, some people just think a baby is a theory until it is actually born. *Do* you talk about your pregnancy a lot? Is your dad always impatient? I'd try to let it go.
3 hours in the Relationships Community - 3
If you are taking care of your child all the time, does that mean you do not work and have no money? If so, you're probably equal parts scared he will leave and you will be stuck with two kids and no options, and worried that his love is fading. I would speak to a lawyer about child support, as soon as you can. If he stays, fine. But if he goes, you ...
It could be anything. I suppose you are saying you have been having unprotected sex? In your shoes, I'd go to the Dollar Store tomorrow and pick up a test.
7 hours in the Women's Health Community - 1
You could have a tear, or you could have a hemorrhoid. If you think it is the latter, buy some Tucks at the store and use them as directed. And stop having anal sex if it is making you bleed. To do it safely, you need lubrication, and if you are also having vaginal sex, you need a clean condom after anal.
9 hours in the Pregnancy 18-24 Community - 3
I bought a lot of single-serving frozen foods when pregs, Amy's natural brand was good (things like chicken teryaki bowl with rice) and there are a couple of Indian-food brands that tasted really good to me, one makes lamb vindaloo and lamb saag. Stouffer's makes very good mac-n-cheese and spaghetti. It was nice to have a selection, and for a meal...
11 hours in the Pregnancy: Social Community - 1
Yes, honey, 35 weeks is too early. Don't try to push labor, but especially don't try to do it 5 weeks before full term.
12 hours in the Pregnancy 18-24 Community - 7
Even with being twitchy, I do recommend learning to knit. It becomes automatic and actually can ease twitchy muscles. Check out whether there is a knitting hobby group in your area, they are all over. A yarn shop I know has a knitting area and it's always full of people sitting and knitting. :)