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3 hours in the Women's Health Community - 1
Bowel issues, tapeworms, ovarian cyst
3 hours in the Women's Health Community - 3
Swabbed is, the doctor takes something that looks like a large Q-tip and swabs the inside of your vagina, and sends the Q-tip to the lab. They do analysis and see if you have BV. BV is a bacterial infection, only bad if ignored. It can be passed back and forth with your sexual partner, so if you do have BV, he should also get the antibiotics at the same ti...
I would stick with my name. You could also hypenate the two last names.
It kind of sounds like you would prefer not to see the family. If you aren't feeling up to it, don't. You don't need any excuses.
3 hours in the Pregnancy: Ages 25-34 Community - 1
If you're nursing, pure lanolin is available at Babies R Us and it is very soothing. If you are pregnant, what problem are you trying to solve with nipple cream, are your nipples infected?
3 hours in the Women's Health Community - 3
Go to the doctor and get swabbed. You might have BV.
10 hours in the DNA / Paternity Community - 2
The dates do not suggest anything to worry about. If your daughter was born on May 12, she would have been conceived on or around August 19. (The baby was, I am sure, not born a month overdue.) Your wife is probably suggesting a DNA test just so neither of you will ever have to worry about this again. If you are still afraid of a DNA test (despite the ...
I think you need to take a home pregnancy test after it has been 4 weeks or more since your last period. The number of times he came has nothing to do with the odds of getting pregnant. Your chances in a given cycle are about 20% if you both have normal fertility and are having unprotected sex.
20 hours in the DNA / Paternity Community - 1
You found out on the 4th of May that you were 3 weeks pregnant? How did you find out the number 3 weeks?
Jun 30, 2015 in the DNA / Paternity Community - 3
Most doctors will say a 12-week scan (which is done for other reasons, not merely to 'date' the pregnancy) if used for trying to determine conception, has a margin for error of a week either way. If you had had a scan at 6 weeks, you *might* have been able to make a guess about which guy is the dad, but even then it might have been hard to do if th...