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42 minutes in the DNA / Paternity Community - 13
If you are not a kid, you could probably afford a prenatal DNA test from the DDC or Ravgen, the two top labs for non-invasive prenatal paternity testing. Have you thought of going that route?
1 hour in the DNA / Paternity Community - 8
How did you get the due date, did the doctor base it on an ultrasound?
1 hour in the DNA / Paternity Community - 9
Are your cycles super regular? By what method did the doctor give you a due date, did he or she look on a calendar, use a little wheel, ask when your last period was, or do an ultrasound? If it was from an ultrasound, how many weeks along did he or she say you were at the time he or she gave you the due date?
1 hour in the DNA / Paternity Community - 13
Ask them to look at the earlier record and talk to you about it, if you like, but a second ultrasound is likely to be less helpful than the first one. As pregnancy progresses, ultrasounds can get less and less reliable for trying to guess when conception was. (By the time you are full term, they can be three weeks off.) If it is off the results of the firs...
1 hour in the DNA / Paternity Community - 4
Hi, Sofia, you didn't conceive in April. You conceived around May 23 according to your first ultrasound, and around May 14 according to your next two ultrasounds. In general, the first ultrasound would have been more accurate than the later ones simply because it was earlier. But none of them suggest you got pregnant in April.
1 hour in the DNA / Paternity Community - 1
Talk to the DDC and see if they recommend a re-test. If he is the only person with whom you have had sex in two years, you know he is the father. There are some rare cases where the baby is a chimera, ask the DDC what they think about that.
1 hour in the DNA / Paternity Community - 13
According to your doctor and the ultrasound, you conceived no later than about June 3 even with the margins for error figured in. Given that you were having sex with your boyfriend a lot around then, it sounds like you got pregnant from him.
8 hours in the DNA / Paternity Community - 3
Don't worry. An egg gets fertilized, then its shell clamps down to keep all other sperm out, and then the cells begin to divide, and it is not until they crack out of the shell (around day 5 or day 6) that it is even possible for the embryo to implant in the uterus. Not until that happens (up to 4 days later) does any hCG go into your bloodstream, and ...
9 hours in the Pregnancy: Social Community - 14
I would not worry too much about the spelling of Skye. It's pretty well-known, at least a lot of people have heard of the Isle of Skye. For me to say this is unusual, since I am generally the first one on here to counsel against giving a child a name that people would find hard to spell on first hearing, but it really seems like Skye as a name has been...
11 hours in the DNA / Paternity Community - 3
If the sex on February 20 is the one you don't want to be the dad, and if you got a positive from a home pregnancy test on February 24, do not worry about Mr. February 20. That would be too soon for a pregnancy from that sex to register on a home test (or even to have implanted in the uterine sidewall). Mr. February 20 is out of the running unless you ...