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2 hours in the DNA / Paternity Community - 1
It depends on how and when the doctor produced that due date. Did you get an ultrasound? If so, 1a) Was it early in the pregnancy? How early? 1b) Did the doctor base his or her estimate of your conception date on it? How do you know what the doctor based the estimate on? Sperm can live 5-6 days in your system, so these ...
2 hours in the DNA / Paternity Community - 5
If you want to obsess over this, go ahead, but there is no reason to. How would you get a due date of December 30 if you got pregnant in December? How many pregnancies do you know that go a full year?
2 hours in the DNA / Paternity Community - 10
I think you can relax, and when the baby is born, to reconfirm everything, get a DNA test. But you sound OK.
2 hours in the DNA / Paternity Community - 10
The last period does not trigger the next ovulation. A period follows ovulation, it does not lead the next ovulation. If a woman's cycles are irregular, one can reliably say that once she has ovulated, her next period will start in about two weeks. But ovulation is not triggered by the last period, it comes when it wants to. A person with 6 week cycl...
2 hours in the DNA / Paternity Community - 11
One other thing I thought of, is if the doctor was basing his "weeks" estimate on the first day of your girlfriend's last period (they count this out on a calendar or a little cardboard wheel), and not basing it on the ultrasound, then he could well have given a date that didn't make sense to when she in fact ovulated, since you said her p...
Jul 27, 2014 in the Pregnancy 18-24 Community - 3
He's got the bow and he is playing you like a violin. Don't let him. Do you have somewhere else to go? Your little family is not going to be happy if your child is growing up in an atmosphere of threats, bullying, and walking on eggshells to appease someone all the time. Get it clear for now and forever, work out custody and get a break. He can...
Jul 27, 2014 in the Pregnancy 25-34 Community - 2
If you have had an ultrasound, the truth is probably that grandma is having dreams, not that the doctor cannot see two babies in an ultrasound.
Jul 27, 2014 in the Pregnancy 18-24 Community - 1
If you have an infected tooth, you need to get it dealt with at the dentist, as infection from a tooth can be bad for the body and the baby, during pregnancy.
Jul 27, 2014 in the Abuse Support Community - 1
Having a dress in one's parent's bedroom is not in itself grounds for suspicion. (As we speak, my son has several garments in my husband's and my bedroom.) I kind of also think that a man sleeping with his daughter would not openly point out her beauty to people, he would pretend not to notice it. Don't know what to tell you about the h...
Jul 27, 2014 in the DNA / Paternity Community - 8
I don't want to make you nervous again, because all the dates point to the second guy. But I would find a way, if I were you, to do a DNA test once the baby is born. You want this question to be put to rest forever.