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2 minutes in the Pregnancy 18-24 Community - 3
He certainly is not acting appealing in any way. I think breaking up might snap him out of it, of course, be clear that you expect child support or he will be thinking you've let him off the hook.
5 minutes in the Women's Health Community - 2
Call the doctor's office. Usually the ultrasonographer puts something on the wand that looks like a condom, and then puts gel on it.
11 minutes in the Parenting Toddlers (1-5) Community - 1
Don't medicate until you see the doctor. If his pediatrician seems to shrug this off, get a different pediatrician.
13 minutes in the Pregnancy 18-24 Community - 3
You may have had a primary physician on your Tricare even if you never met him. Call them and ask.
15 minutes in the Parenting Teens (12-17) Community - 1
I don't know if this applies to 15-year-olds who are after pot, or who might just be thrill seeking, but if she was a smaller kid, I would tell you the wise quote that children steal to fill a broken heart. Do you have access to counseling? It might be time to go there (yourself just to talk this over) and for her to go to counseling also. In the ...
19 minutes in the Baby Products Community - 1
Be sure your bottles, if they are not glass, are BPA free. I would get glass bottles, myself. I steamed bottles all through my son's early childhood, and loved my bottle steamer. But I didn't do the soft plastic kind.
28 minutes in the Child Behavior Community - 3
I have to say it really sounds like he is acting in response to something that is hurting him. In your shoes I would try to find out what is pressing so hard on him such that he lashes out in so many ways. If he won't talk to you, do you think he would talk to a teenager he knows and trusts, or to another adult?
31 minutes in the DNA / Paternity Community - 3
I agree with your doctor and nurse. It is a near thing, and I would get a DNA test after the baby is born, but it sounds like you had just gotten pregnant when you had sex on the 12th.
1 hour in the DNA / Paternity Community - 5
I don't know how much this problem happens in the whole world, but by coming to the DNA/Paternity forum, you are in the one place where it happens all the time, so don't be embarrassed. What we need is as much medical information (not speculation, not hopes, not guesses, not assumptions and not shading the truth to sound better) as it is possible t...
Why is your gut telling you the baby is not yours? Does her story simply not add up? I think this is serious enough that you should consider doing prenatal testing, despite the cost. Just don't fall into the trap of using one of the labs known for their inaccuracy. I'll send you a private message about the good labs (there are only two that I ...