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5 hours ago
"Your therapist isn't helping with any of this distress? First, this is not something you need to know tomorrow. It's not like people have to announce their sexual orientation at the door or they won't get into life. It's perfectly..."
6 hours ago
" If you were to find yourself gaining weight on Paxil, try watching the carbs and cutting out the sugars, before taking another pill. Also don't forget to take your probiotics. "
7 hours ago
"Wow, delivering him yourself! Congrats!"
8 hours ago
"If it is noticeably different than usual, I'd call the pediatrician and get him in to be seen."
8 hours ago
"Regular or not, you had a period, which indicated you were not pregnant at the time."
Apr 30
"If you had sex with the guy on June 13 and then had a period on the 26th of June, and then after that only had sex with your husband, the baby would be from your husband."
Apr 30
"If you had sex before your period and then had a period and then had sex after the period and now you are pregnant, it would be the guy after the period. A period indicates you are not pregnant."
Apr 30
"So, December 29. Did you have sex with someone around then?"
Apr 29
"Was it with one of the guys from before your period, or with someone else? If you were told on March 23 that you were 13 weeks 4 days GA, that points to someone after your period, around December 29 through January 2. Did you have sex ..."
Apr 28
"Are you sure someone commits to being overseas for the next 15 *years?* Not months? Are you sure he is not just pulling your leg? And when you say "what are my options for the baby," do you mean, can you go to his base commander and..."