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10 hours in the DNA / Paternity Community - 530
Why don't you insist they all have a DNA test and get this over with? They are available over the counter at places like Walgreen's. Or, better yet, he could have her served with a summons to do a DNA test at a lab certified by the courts. That way, it would all be public record. The main thing is, stop loosing sleep, this is not your problem, i...
11 hours in the DNA / Paternity Community - 530
Hi, scared. It does not really sound like it. The conception calculator I use says the conception date would be around March 2, and offers a range of February 26 - March 6. February 5 being about a month earlier than that, the baby would not be from then.
17 hours in the Pregnancy 25-34 Community - 4
I looked at a long list of Celtic male names and there were too many to count that were beautiful. Does your husband not want a Celtic name? Some names we are used to are also from that background, like Brian, Bryce, Barry, Darcy, Malcolm and Morgan.
17 hours in the Men's Health Community - 1
You might have a varicose vein in the scrotum. That can heat things up and kill the sperm. See your doctor or urologist and get an exam. It is a condition that can be repaired.
17 hours in the Pregnancy 18-24 Community - 3
It's normal for dope smokers. They justify their habit. It's not a good idea to smoke anything when pregnant or to intake drugs or alcohol.
17 hours in the Pregnancy: Social Community - 3
Tell him you are leaving. He is not acting like a man.
17 hours in the Relationships Community - 7
Losing a good man? What kind of good man does this to a woman with whom he wants a relationship? Sweetheart, raise your standards. Especially if this is standard operating procedure for you. Take a break and re-evaluate yourself and value who you are. Nobody deserves to be treated like a piece of a s s.
18 hours in the Pregnancy 25-34 Community - 11
Like a lot of the posters here, I was also told by my doctor that one glass every now and then was OK, but I didn't do it. It mattered less to me to have a glass of wine than it mattered to me to have peace of mind. I never wanted to wonder after the baby was born, if there was a problem, if the wine had done it. I didn't drink coffee either. Di...
18 hours in the Pregnancy 25-34 Community - 6
On the Internet, there are no brakes and no penalties. It's to be expected that some people will say critical or annoyed things, not that anyone should but it happens. This is especially true on the hormone-driven forums, like the pregnancy forums. What is also interesting is that someone might say something not meant to be rude or critical and will ge...
If you are anemic, iron can help both with the anemia and to increase fertility. That is because anemic women have trouble getting pregnant -- the body is less likely to get pregnant when something is wrong that might make the woman less strong.