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May 30, 2011
"Hi, thanks for your question. Yours is a really important one. Turns out that you do not have to get that much blood work every year. Just as medical studies are done to decide what drugs people should be prescribed, studies have been..."
Feb 16, 2011
"Hi, osteoporosis is rare in people your age, people with a history of anoxeria nervosa or on chronic steroids being exceptions. You would benefit from seeing a specialist, typically an endocrinologist (although you may need to find one s..."
Feb 10, 2011
"Thanks for your question. Of all the cholesterol numbers, doctors generally are most concerned about LDL (or bad) cholesterol. Target LDL is different for different people. The higher your risk of heart disease the lower the target LDL. ..."
Jan 08, 2011
"Thanks for your question. There are risks involved with using bleach though I'm not sure how to quantify them. It would make sense that these risks increase with the number of repeated applications, strength of the bleach being used, etc..."
Jan 08, 2011
"As you have learned, coumadin or warfarin is a very finicky medication. Unlike many medications whose levels in the blood only depend on taking the medication every day, warfarin levels depend on a number of factors including your diet (..."
Jan 08, 2011
"Hi, your question is difficult to answer without further information about you. Here is a quick link about the test itself: - Dr. Nundy"
Jan 08, 2011
"Thank you for your question. Using a standard cholesterol calculator, your LDL (or bad) cholesterol is 99.4. This is important. The current guidelines for cholesterol management are based largely on LDL cholesterol. As you may know, ther..."
Nov 15, 2010
"Thanks for your questions. 1. As far as I know there is no known "too low" triglyceride level. Cholesterol serves an important function in the body but studies that have looked at lowering cholesterol through medications have only sho..."
Oct 30, 2010
"Thanks for your question. However, your concerns are better addressed by a gynecologist. Endometrial stripe is a radiographic sign that measures the thickness of the endometrium. It is a common measurement in pelvic ultrasound and your v..."
Oct 30, 2010
"Hi, your concerns are important. However, I feel they are better addressed by someone with expertise in endocrinology. Perhaps there is someone else at who can help, but better still would be a comprehensive face-to-face eval..."