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Mar 22, 2011
"Congrats to all the BFP's! Ladies please don't get discouraged keep trying, we went through the same thing and I finally got my BFP after a miscarriage. Stay committed and don't loose focus there is so much room in the world for more bea..."
Oct 01, 2010
"Hi ladies and the baby and I are doing well. I have had a bad spell of all day sickness. Yesterday my doctor prescribed promethazin and it has helped but boy let me tell you I fell into a deep sleep at my desk at 10 am and I just woke up..."
Sep 17, 2010
"So I got a little concerned when my belly went down a bit but the fatigue and nausea is in full affect and I swear I don’t event think I can make it to my hair stylist after work today. I am tired of ginger ale, crackers, and jello but I..."
Sep 13, 2010
"So the doctor checked me out the baby is doing great, 6 weeks 3 days as expected, he (a boy I hope) is doing great and has a strong heartbeat. I have an UTI due to my laziness of holding it through the night! I go back in 4 weeks for a c..."
Sep 13, 2010
"I will be calling off today and if my OB can't see me the ER I shall go! Pain in my upper abs, on my left side (maybe my ovaries) and I am going to assume the rest is just heartburn (more like acid reflux). I have not been to sleep yet a..."
Sep 10, 2010
"Not so stressed today my hubby apologized and I am smiling! No symptoms except constant going to potty #1 & #2. My co-workers are noticing and I am not sure what to say, I don't want to tell anyone until I am out of the danger zone. My b..."
Sep 09, 2010
"Today I felt more pregnant than ever, can't hold my belly in and I am showing (pretty early in my opinion). Today my mom told me I was making the worst mistake of my life and I should terminate it (because my husband is laid off) and my..."
Sep 07, 2010
"Congrats to all the BFP! @ jhaley2680 no drinking sounds like a BFP to me. Even though my OB is a strong advocate for red wine while pregnant I say take it easy! "
Sep 07, 2010
"Good Morning ladies! I woke up fat and I mean really fat, I can't fit any of my clothes. I refuse to get on the scale! My belly is round and based on my predictions I am only like 6 weeks. Help, what's going on?"
Sep 06, 2010
"I am keeping you my prayers we are in a similar situation and I am praying and walking by faith. I am not a very religious person but God has opened so many doors for me. It will all work out (I know it's easier said than done) but life ..."