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Mar 12, 2012
"I had my biopsy. I have Sarcoidosis. I dont have any scarring in my lung. My liver spleen kidneys are all swollen. My lymph nodes are 4 times larger than they arre suppose to be. I get sick when I eat doc said because every thing is so ..."
Feb 08, 2012
"They did check for heppatitis, it was neg. After my tests I have had recently my family doctor has sent me to a cardiac surgeon. So far he did a stress test . Next he is doing a biopsy of some of the lymph nodes. Then a PET scan. I made ..."
Jan 27, 2012
"Thank You, I will look these up. My doc called today I see a cardiac surgeon tuesday to set up a biopsy. She said I dont have any infection showing in blood work or urine."
Jan 26, 2012
"Does any one know what might be going on? Docs seem puzzled. I have no infection in urine or blood. Yet My lungs Sternam, and esophagus are filled with swollen lymph nodes. Also my liver and spleen are inlarged and my stomach very swolle..."
Jan 26, 2012
"Windows XP and BING"
Jan 24, 2012
"Tried it just now , now not only the body part of the tracker but none of it worked for me. "
Jan 23, 2012
"Yes I use a med tracker now on It is wonderful But i like this site and all the features and would love to have all my info in one place so I can compare the meds with the other trackers. Love This Site!"
Jan 21, 2012
"wondering if there is a reason for a week or so that i cannot click on the body pic to show where my pain is. the rest of the tracker seems to be working slowly."
Jan 21, 2012
"Is there a possiblity of a medication tracker? Where you can list your meds and when to take. So that you can check them off as taken so you know when you have missed doses?"
Jan 21, 2012
"click on the graph on the date you are wanting to add to or change. It will pull up and you can delete or add then. As member ahead of me said too. You just slide the arrows above the graph to the area of the month you want. :)"