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Dear Pdlwtts, Was the epilepsy investigated with MRIs etc? There are many possibilities that could explain why he started having seizures.
Dear Kirmita, It is not related to any drug your dad used. It is actually a common finding in MRIs and it is unlikely to be the source of any symptom. This cysts only grow after minimal bleeding inside usually after trauma - causing water to migrate into the cyst by osmosis- in this rare situations they can cause symptoms.
Dear Southernangel0518, Neurofibromas around the brain have a completely different appearance in comparison to arachnoid cysts. You can discuss and confirm with your doctor; most likely it has no correlation. thank you
Dear MrsTxMoose, I agree with all the answers you received. It does not necessarily means you have Cushing's disease, but with your symptoms I agree it should be investigated/ruled out. You should discuss with an endocrinologist, ideally one specialized in neuro-endocrinology (pituitary). thank you
Dear Newgalneedshelp. This is a very rare situation. You should definitely see your doctor, so he/she can examine you and order tests as brain MRI to rule it out. Thank you
Dear Mlhawk, I know this is not an easy issue. It is very important you see a good endocrinologist to discuss this. In general it is important that your prolactin level is within normal limits and also that your testosterone replacement is adequate. I had patient who did not do well with testosterone patches and others that do not do well with the gel. So...
Dear Casie27, The head CT can definitely help based on the shape of the ventricles. A collapsed ventricle around the ventricular catheter usually means the shunt is working well. Other tests are lumbar pucture for opening pressure measurement and nuclear test shuntogram to see if it is patent.
Dear Thedon60, It is very important that you discuss that with his doctors. This forum is design to answer and discuss specific questions and not to reach diagnosis. In general it is important to rule out any organic condition before psychiatric condition is diagnosed. thank you
Dear Aminas, It is very hard to give you an opinion based on your description of the imaging. If you would like I can evaluate and give you my recommendation based on the imaging free of charge. If you are interested please send the imaging to: 410 W. 10th Avenue, N1049 Doan Hall Wexner Medical Center, OSU Columbus Ohio 43210
Dear Prithwishr96, I am sorry but the goal of this forum is not related to achieve any sort of diagnosis. Please see a doctor.