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Aug 29, 2014
"Thanks to all of you for your responses to my question. My doctor is a hepatologist with the University of Alabama @ Birmingham (UAB) Medical Center. I trust his judgment in these as he has been involved in several of the experimental tr..."
Aug 27, 2014
"I have had Hep C since 1973, gone through 3 tx the last one being the triple tx about 3 years ago. I had such an adverse reaction to either the ribavirin or interferon that I had to discontinue after one week and was in the hospital for ..."
Jul 21, 2012
"I have EGDs done regularly- so far I've only had one time when banding was required. I go back next week for another EGD & colonoscopy - it has been a year since my last one. Just another one of those things that comes with 4th stage cir..."
Jul 20, 2012
"I have a lot of water pretension in my ankles and lower legs - one time so bad that it caused my skin to split - very painful. I take a medication for that now and am on a low salt diet. "
Feb 11, 2012
"I have Hep C and cirrhosis of the liver. I am on the liver transplant list but it may be a while before they do that. As to your questions - Once your liver is scared it will not regenerate. You indicate a fear of the transplant but you ..."
Jan 12, 2012
"About the living donor part of your question. That is mainly for infants. No one can live without a liver but you can donate a portion of your liver. The donated liver must be close in size to the liver being replaced. So you can see tha..."
Jan 12, 2012
"I have had Hep C since 1973 and am now progressed to cirrhosis of the liver. I was placed on the liver transplant waiting list a couple of months ago and am to start the new triple tx some time this month. You can get a transplant withou..."
Jan 02, 2012
"Yes, I have cirrhosis and am on the liver transplant list. I have had high ammonia levels several times with the associated brain fog (went in to ER day after Xmas due to HE). I saw my Gastroenterologist today and received a couple of pr..."
Jan 01, 2012
"I have been dealing with nausea for several weeks, At first it was after taking the Kristalose but now it is occuring much more frequently and causes a reduced appetite and foods tasting bad. Reminds me of when I was doing tx in 2003. I ..."
Dec 30, 2011
"I just recently had problems with high ammonia buildup. I had to go to the ER the day after Xmas. I had stopped taking my Lactulose prescription - it keeps the colon cleaned out and the drug Xifaxan gets rid of the bacteria that origina..."