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Jan 31, 2011
"Sounds like a migrain. If I have one that last more than three days, I have to go to the dr and get a pain shot or I will be sick with it for up to 10 days. Make an appt. and see what the doc says. If you have never had pain like thi..."
Jan 29, 2011
"just to add: I do not take any medication without first doing my homework on it"
Jan 29, 2011
"Thank you Sherry! All the support I can get is very much appriciated. The only other person thats knows of my fibro is my best friend and my mom, and they have never judged me. I noticed one reply to my post said the fiorocet was not ..."
Jan 28, 2011
"I am blessed that I have you all to vent and share with. I have told very little people of my conditon but here I can bare all. My husband has been sweet as peaches since our disagreement but its only time until he blows up again. I w..."
Jan 27, 2011
"I agree with Kat, Denise. You should not have to suffer anymore than you all ready do. I am not happy that any of you are going through this too but I don't feel as alone as I did yesterday. I really don't even know how to act around h..."
Jan 26, 2011
"He won't say. He thinks no one should take anything everyday. I think its the fiorocet but my dr said there was nothing taking three a day and it was great that I didn't depend on hydrocodon. After I counted out all the pills he tried t..."
Jan 26, 2011
" have been struggling with migrains and firbro for awhile now and my husband always seemed understanding. Last night he tells me I'm an addict. Wonderful feeling let me tell you. The only pain med I take on a regulary basis in Fioroce..."
Oct 05, 2010
"300mg twice a day and it seemed to help some. Today is horrible"
Oct 05, 2010
"I had a migraine start last Monday and tried to tough it out with a few hydrocodon and phenegren. It got worse so I broke down and went to th ER four days later and that nasty lady doc was there. I still have the stabbing pain behind my..."
Sep 17, 2010
"No question today, I just wanted to thank everyone of you for all of your advice,support, and love. Honestly, with out MedHelp, I would have lost my mind or just crawled under a rock and givin up. You guys are truely life savers. I am..."