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Dec 12, 2013 in the Respiratory Disorders Expert Forum - 2
Thank You for your reply Dr. Tinkelman, I don't have to exercise for my chest to get heavy I also wake up in the middle of the night short of breath and with a heavy chest I really don't have to do anything to bring it on. Also my heart has been checked out and I'm glad to say that my heart is in great shape I've had a stress test with 2...
Nov 25, 2013 in the Respiratory Disorders Expert Forum - 2
Can tight muscles in the chest cause daily asthma symptoms? my chest gets heavy off and on throughout the day I take Combivent Respimat 20-100 MCG/ACT IN AERS, Levalbuterol HCL 1.25 MG/3ML IN NEBU 2X a day before Advair, Singular 10 MG PO TABS, Advair Diskus 500-50 MCG/Dose in AEPB 2X a day, Qvar 80 MCG/ACT IN AERS 2 puffs 2X a day for my severe asthma and I ...
Nov 06, 2013 in the Allergy Community - 2
Thank you for your response DrAntha. I had blood word done a few days ago 10-30-13 from a COMPR METAB PANEL and my CO2 came back CO2 20 normal range 22 – 32 mmol/L and I had a PFT on 6-12-13 FVC L 2.51 FEV1 L 1.71 FVF 25%-75% L/sec 0.82 FEF Max L/sec 4.55 unfortunately my allergist doesn't go by PFTs he prefers symptoms
Nov 03, 2013 in the Allergy Community - 2
Back in February my a long time diagnosis of asthma became severe asthma and I was told at that time I had viral bronchitis since then I have a lot of problems breathing on a nearly daily basis with a day here and there with no symptoms at all, also there’s very little mucus I only cough anything up in the morning every now and then not very often and I don’t...
Oct 24, 2013 in the Women's Health Community - 6
I can't wear anything tight it makes it worse. Fortunatelly I didn't get it this month so I'm getting a break from the pain.
Oct 24, 2013 in the Women's Health Community - 6
No, I haven't had a hysterectomy my peri is natural.
Oct 22, 2013 in the Thyroid Disorders Community - 10
Thank you for the info on magnesium I didn't know the difference between the 3 I'll see if I can get one of each of the citrate and glycinate to see which one works best for me. I'm all ready on the cancellation list, more than one actually I've been trying to get in to see my asthma/allergist for months, my neurologist left the clinic bu...
Oct 18, 2013 in the Thyroid Disorders Community - 10
I'm taking Magnisum oxide 400mg I don't take it all the time because my BMs keep getting too soft I think it's because the magnesium is too strong. I've tried to change my appointment but I couldn't get anything sooner I run in to that problem a lot I think it's because they are the only clinics in the area.
Oct 14, 2013 in the Thyroid Disorders Community - 10
I have an appointment with my endo in February 2014 and I’m scheduled to have my TSH FT4 AND FT3 done then. I don’t know what’s going on with me I haven’t felt good all year my weight is fluctuating + or – 5lbs and my emotions are all over the place. My meds have changed a lot since July + and – one I’m still kinda taking is Magnesium 400 but I found that I c...
Oct 11, 2013 in the Thyroid Disorders Community - 10
Hello, Thank you so much for the information I had forgotten that the TSH is a pituitary hormone. I do have Hashi's I've had it all my life but I wasn't tested for it until 06 and was told I had it until 2011. My endo usually test my TSH FT3 AND FT4 but I'm not scheduled to have that done until 1-27-2014, my primary care only tested my TS...