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Apr 27
"Thank you guys for your understanding and support. You have both said stuff that I think will steer me on a better track and help me to keep pressing forward. I have struggled tremendously with depression and other disorders and most my ..."
Apr 25
"Hello...I have been feeling pretty motivated to make a post lately. Most persons would be aware of my struggles as they relate to emotional/mental disorders and general cares of leading a fuller and healthier life. I have certainly grown..."
Apr 25
"I totally understand the dilemma you are in. It is very difficult to deal with divorce. Marriage is such a joint and personal thing. You are directly linked to another human being -- your feelings, your home, your child/ren, your bills....."
Apr 22
"Birth control has multiple effects on the body. I have never had the depo shot but I know people who have and they complain about very strange things happening to them. My guess is that since you are on the shot, it is probably not pregn..."
Apr 18
"Well that does sound rather strange. Did you do a pregnancy test? I think you should. If it is negative, visit your gyno."
Apr 15
"Highly unlikely!"
Apr 15
"Hello... I am terribly sorry about what you have experienced. However, even if you had a miscarriage the test would show positive results as it takes a while for the pregnancy hormones to leave your body. So after a miscarriage or volunt..."
Apr 15
"It doesn't have to be an STD but it is hard to say. Perhaps you could visit the clinic and get some tests done. Take care."
Apr 15
"Hey there. It sounds to me as if you would have been secured during the times of the unprotected sex because you took the pills to make up for the ones you missed. I am not so sure about being worried but I am sure you could always put y..."
Apr 14
"I am no expert in this area but I feel as if at a certain stage and/or age in a woman's life, a light switch comes and our brains say "its time". I think it is the concept that we have, that has been planted in our brains from infancy as..."