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Apr 16
"You can do what I did. I had my cardiologist give me a stress test. He administered the test, and kept pushing me until I punched out totally drained, and drenched in sweat. This set my mind at ease that I could safely hit my personal..."
Apr 16
"You should do fone, Brad. I had mine fixed nearing 60. Do this... do a search on "Jannie411". She is a mamber who wrote some great journals on the procedure, and I think it will be useful for you. Recovery time varies, but expect a f..."
Apr 13
"I'm glad to hear that it went fine for you, Paul. Best wishes for an SVT-free life."
Apr 03
"In 2013, the FDA recommended that physicians and other health care professionals consider the risk of torsades de pointes and other fatal heart rhythms associated with azithromycin use when considering treatment options for patients who ..."
Mar 28
"If your question was directed to me, I continue to be free of SVT five and a half years later."
Mar 20
"A couple of classic symptoms of SVT: It starts and ends abruptly, within a beat. It doesn't ramp up or ramp down slowly. That said, when you drop out of SVT, either spontaneously or by Valsalva intervention, the NSR may come down sl..."
Mar 17
"25mg. of Metoprolol Succinate is very low, and usually has minimal effects on the average person. I've been on 75mg for 5 years, and had been as high as 200mg. Prior to my ablation. I was just asking because high doses can really slow..."
Mar 16
"Just so you're aware, the first cardiac ablation was performed in 1981, but didn't come a regular procedure until the 1990's. So at the most, your cardiologist or electrophysiologist may have 25 years with the procedure, and most likel..."
Mar 14
"I had literally thousands of episodes over a span of 54 years; a lifetime of SVT. I realized early on that when the first hundred or so didn't kill me, the next one probably wouldn't either. But they are stressful; every one of them. ..."
Mar 13
"The fact that you had a possible episode of SVT makes you most likely prone to another. Like Michelle said in her post, should you have another, don't panic. There are methods that can be employed to convert the episode. The act of ben..."