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Dec 22, 2014 in the Heart Rhythm Community - 3
No problem with TMI. Just remember the key symptom of SVT, it starts and stops on a dime. In between, it can run for minutes, or hours and hours. If what you're feeling doesn't do that, I'd look somewhere else for the cause of your rapid rhythm.
Dec 22, 2014 in the Heart Rhythm Community - 3
Hey antsy. I'll tell you... I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asks this question. For me, someone who had a near lifetime of SVT, 54 years, it's easy to discern the difference. But for someone who's feeling this for the first time, or is not familiar with SVT symptoms, it can easily be mistaken for a panic attack. Of course, I ca...
Dec 21, 2014 in the Heart Rhythm Community - 2
Do you think that you may be experiencing SVT? What's going on with your heart?
Dec 18, 2014 in the Heart Rhythm Community - 9
Bob, I had near lifelong SVT which was eliminated by ablation as I was approaching 60. My first episode was at 6, and plagued me thereafter throughout my life. I learned to cope and adapt to it, but always challenged it by participating in sports which demanded short bursts or intense physical output. I avoided things which required extended periods of hig...
Dec 17, 2014 in the Heart Rhythm Community - 9
A sinus rhythm of 220 is not completely out of the realm of possibilities. Using an early Polar monitor back in the mid 90's, I could get my sinus rate up to 200 during extreme physical output such as breakaway skating sprints. So I think that's possible. One thing that I'm pretty sure of is that it's not possible is for you to not fe...
Dec 15, 2014 in the Heart Rhythm Community - 5
Hope the rate stays that way. Keep us informed on how you're doing!
Dec 14, 2014 in the Heart Rhythm Community - 5
Yeah, that s##t will go away. How's the heart?
Dec 12, 2014 in the Heart Rhythm Community - 12
What was this for? In my experience here, 115 burns is an astronomical amount...
Dec 10, 2014 in the Heart Rhythm Community - 4
My electrophysiology procedure was the first time that I had a urinary catheter. I remember waking up in that initial stupor, and thinking that I felt really hung down there. I reached down and felt the area and the darn thing felt like it was crated up for shipment! It was wrapped up in gauze and adhesive tape. I must have had a WTF! look on my face as t...
Dec 10, 2014 in the Heart Rhythm Community - 4
I believe the epicardial approach is a rather recent development in Sinus Node Modification, This method allows the physician to access the earliest activation site not accessable thru the traditional endocardial approach. The phrenic nerve can be separated from the activation site which is then delivered a burst of RF energy much lower than what's use...