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Jul 05, 2012 in the General Health Community - 7
Hi, I can certainly sympathize with you and your symptoms. Two weeks b4 my 1st wedding (I'm happily re-married in 2007) in 1987, my mother passed away unexpectedly. It really threw me for a loop and was way too late to postpone the wedding or my dad would have lost thousands of dollars. I tried to go on w/o my mom, have a wedding, honeymoon, bought a ...
Jul 05, 2012 in the Improve MedHelp Suggestions Community - 1
Hi, I was using the Menstrual Tracker for a while, until my periods stopped - forever, in May of 2010... How do I delete that Menstrual tracker from my profile and stuff? Thanks, Suzy
Jul 05, 2012 in the Pain Management Community - 3
Wow, I'm taking 50,000 i.u. per week, b/c after my blood work came back, my Vitamin D level was so alarmingly low at a '5.' Normal is 45! No wonder I was depressed and tired.. It never occurred to me, until I changed doctors and the new doctor's first mode of business was to get a level on me...
Sep 04, 2010 in the Miscarriages Community - 6
Hi, I just read your story about your twins and your heartwrenching decisions. I commend you for your strength you have! I had a miscarriage 28 years ago and I still think about the baby I lost!
Sep 04, 2010 in the Women's Health Community - 3
Often times when I was worried about whether or not I was pregnant, and my period was late, it was late a lot of times, just from worrying about it, and the stress involved in thinking about pregnancy.. If you're really that concerned, b/c two weeks is a good amount of time to pass to check into it, so getting a blood pregnancy test from your doctor woul...
Sep 02, 2010 in the Women's Health Community - 4
The only thing I can think of regarding foul odor from the vaginal area is that there is something going on in the PH balance. It could be an underlying infection that has gone un-noticed, which is quite possible. It could be anything from a yeast infection, UTI (urinary tract infection), or anything else... It may be advantageous to see your ob/gyn as soon ...
Sep 02, 2010 in the Anxiety Community - 70
Just an addendum to my previous post: I wanted to clarify something I wrote in my introduction post.. I explained I have Bipolar II with hypomania. I also said that I take medication and therefore, I stay healthy and in remission.. That statement above is true, but as everyone who has bipolar knows, it's a daily struggle, no matter how much in re...
Sep 02, 2010 in the Anxiety Community - 70
Hi, I'm Suzy and I just joined the site about 2 hours ago and must admit, I went a little nuts out there, already making a profile, adding pics, writing ini a journal, answering a question, finding a new friend, etc... It's interesting on how I found MedHelp. I was Googling a medical question regarding pain medication causing gastro-intestinal ...
Sep 02, 2010 in the Neurology Community - 1
Is it possible to develop Cervical Dystonia, following an auto accident? I was involved in an auto accident on 12/20/04, and since then I've never been the same.. I am in chronic pain every day. Thank you, Suzy