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Oct 08, 2012
"Wow, that is fantastic! A viable treatment without interferon? How wonderful that would be to treat without feeling like one is dying everyday for months. I have been out of the loop so not familiar with GS-7977. Since my own SVR, ..."
Oct 07, 2012
"Good to see Hector still around and helping folks out. A great source of comfort and info. A little dark chocolate to sweeten up your day sis!"
Dec 03, 2011
"Any of the old crew still lurking out there? I am Gauf who treated and succeeded a couple yrs back. Just got word my sister is in hospital with end stage liver disease. Stage 4, jaundiced, ascites causing extended stomach. They drained 7..."
Jan 25, 2011
"For your survey: Treated 3 times and cured on the second go round. Did the 3rd treatment just cause I was bored."
Jan 25, 2011
"Checked in just to NYGirls take on Steven Tylar on Idol! I like him, cracks me up."
Nov 05, 2010
"Hi, good to see you here. Actually, I pulled that line as an excerpt from a previous post long ago. Does sound a bit strange. Gonna go back and take another look."
Nov 04, 2010
"I also took Whey protein powder + Alinia+Coq10+ some other stuff I forgot about. Sheesh. Some combo of this got me to SVR after 2 failed tox though."
Nov 04, 2010
"Whey protein isolate.(Muscle milk) This protein boosts glutathione levels and improves the functioning of the immune system. The fact that hepatitis C often becomes active in people after they reach the age of 40 indicates that age-assoc..."
Nov 04, 2010
"Good to see some of the ol' timers still lurking here. I too, still lurk from time to time. Still rockin."
Jul 07, 2010
""The Overton Window" by Glenn Beck"