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Aug 20, 2013
"since i have been on metformin i have loss 43lb and i have also got PCOS and since losing my weight my cycles have come back every month now :) "
Jan 23, 2012
"Im starting to use my wii fit plus again this week to see how much weight i can lose . how many times a week should i go on the wii and which wii game is best to lose weight with ??? "
Jan 09, 2011
"I have Just got the wii with the wii balance board for xmas wich my lovely partner bought for me, I am considering buyin the biggest loser game for the wii. I am also woundering if any one nows of any more fittness / weight loss games f..."
Nov 22, 2010
"I am 5"3 & my starting out weight was 260lb :-( I am now 241lb I have loss 19lb @ the begining of my weight loss I didn't go to the gym or watched wat I was eating, but since October after my operation in August I started going to th..."
Nov 18, 2010
"Hi I am also trying to lose weight, up to now I have lost 19lbs , I go to the gym 2/3 times aday. I try to eat three meals a day but it is hard for me wen Im working has I dont have a dinner break so I have to have my dinner @ 2.30pm , &..."
Nov 06, 2010
"congrats hun :-) x x "
Oct 19, 2010
"Thank you for your reply "
Oct 13, 2010
"Hello doctor I am trying to lose weight but I dont know how much calorise I should be having. I am 31 year old, female, 5ft 3" & weigh 246LB . thank you for your time ."
Oct 11, 2010
"I am a cleaner @ a hospital I have been there 4years & before I went working there I used to be a nursery nurse for 9years. "
Oct 01, 2010
"I met my partner @ work has he was a friend of a friend, he used to come up @ dinner times . I used to be on first break and he was there in his car waiting for his mate to come on 2nd break. one day I went out with him and his mate and ..."