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Feb 29, 2012
"Hi Emily, I checked that and those preferences are all metric, my trackers are all metric but for some reason my 'Weight Tracker Stats thingy is in imperial. I checked it on my phone last night and it had corrected itself but this morn..."
Feb 28, 2012
"Hi, I have my measurement settings set to metric and everything has been great, but yesterday and today my 'weight tracker stats' are coming up in pounds. I have looked everywhere and can't find what I did wrong. Please help. ..."
Feb 28, 2012
"Hi Emily, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. That would be fantastic! Have a good day, kec "
Feb 27, 2012
"Hi, I live in Australia and when adding to my trackers I can't do via the shortcuts on my homepage because it says it is the previous day until around 3pm. I have to go into my tracker and choose the next day. I imagine this is becaus..."
Feb 14, 2012
"Has anyone out there used Nuvoryn? Interested in hearing people's experiences away from the website before I give it a try. Thanks k"
Dec 28, 2011
"Thanks Emily, This was very helpful. I am using Android and when I select settings it doesn't give me the option to sync - only Gender, birthdate, units, goals and BMR. Some of the time I put info on the website and other times on the..."
Dec 28, 2011
"I have just downloaded the mobile "My Diary" app. How do I add my exercise tracker? I have a menstral and a water tracker on there that I would like to remove and just have access to the foo d, weight and exercise trackers I have on the..."
Feb 23, 2011
"Hi Emily, The stats thingy has reset thank you. No need to apologise about the km issue; this site is so helpful, it is really nothing in comparision. I just was looking at mixing up my training and thought it would be handy. No hur..."
Feb 22, 2011
"Hi Emily, Thanks for looking into this. I don't know if this is related but I just logged on and the weight tracker is messed up. It says my start weight was 177.7kg and I am 63cm tall giving an obese BMI of 169. My actual start wei..."
Feb 21, 2011
"Hi, I have my settings set to km and kg but when I put in a distance on my exercise tracker, it only gives and option for miles. Please help. Thanks. kec33"