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Oct 01, 2010
"is their a test they can do for your mucles if so what is it?"
Oct 01, 2010
"I have had xrays done but they never see any thing. I've been through the emergency room because the pain is so bad they did more xrays but found nothing . that seem to be all they r doing . then they give me some vikaden pain meds. so o..."
Sep 24, 2010
"i have chronic pain when I take the pain meds it stop the pain but it makes me want more meds , becuase i'm tired of being in pain so now I fill like i have to choose pain to stay clean what would you do ?"
Sep 23, 2010
"do any body have pain down only the right side of your body ? face ,neck,shoulder, spine,ribs ,hip, thigh , knee, and foot can some one please help me?"