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Oct 27, 2010 in the Lyme Disease Community - 4
I was diagnosed with lyme in July, this year, and since I've been with my BF for 5 years it was suggested he get tested for lyme. The diagnostician I see will not test my BF; says he's not taking any more lyme patients. Do you know a good lyme doctor we can go to, so that my BF can get tested and I can get treatment while we continue to see the dia...
Oct 27, 2010 in the Lyme Disease Community - 3
I have periods very similar to this, only I will go blind and paralyzed, unable to speak. It will last 5-40 minutes usually. I have been diagnosed with lyme in July this year. 4 years of not knowing. I would suggest you get tested for lyme.
I'm just so tired. I'd get up and get a knife, but I literally don't have the energy to look for one to cut myself. I feel like I'm trapped and that nothing anyone says will help me, cuz I'm so very much the special case. What is the point of this? I'm alone in a room with no windows or doors and i feel myself there but can'...
May 17, 2010 in the Multiple Sclerosis Community - 23
Well, i had my appointment this morning. I don't feel it went well, but a EEG and MRI are getting schedled and I go back in 3 months. Even tho my whole body was shaking really hard when I tried to walk he said everything seems normal? I mean, how can he say that's normal? He gave me a script for an anti-depressant, a referral to a pain specialist, a...
May 08, 2010 in the Multiple Sclerosis Community - 9
you're not alone there. be careful tho. i can't feel that i am even scratching and have worn deep wounds into my legs with my nails. since the urge to scratch is so great I apply lotion and rub constantly til it just vanishes on it's own <32U Diemyn
May 08, 2010 in the Multiple Sclerosis Community - 17
hi, i'm sure you are realizing this as you spend time here, but a big congrats is in got a diagnosis fast and that's wonderful!!! limboland sux; you're at a great advantage being able to slow the progression from here on out welcome to the community and much love to you, dear =]
May 08, 2010 in the Multiple Sclerosis Community - 7
See, I was wondering if that might be a flare up. It's been downhill with a few bright shining days of being able to sit and use my hot glue gun ever since that everlasting headache. A few night ago I had my spasmy thing happen after a dull headache for just a few hours and I was twitching and not able to speak or swallow, so it could be that a longer th...
May 08, 2010 in the Multiple Sclerosis Community - 8
Thanx for your contributions, guys and gals =D It's always interesting to hear how other people describe pain and how they experience it. i think I'm glad that labor pain isn't etwas I'm gonna experience, geez 11 totally is "my soul is gone pain" and I do think that it's going somewhere. there has to be a purpose for i...
May 08, 2010 in the Multiple Sclerosis Community - 6
caregiver222- Oh, THANK YOU! I look all around the net and had THE toughest time finding reveiws of these types of things. Bless you =] tonyad- I know exactly what you're talking about =D We had those one my couch, always, when I was growing up. You've just made my day with that suggestion. I am a do it yourself crafty person and a hanging pocket...
May 06, 2010 in the Multiple Sclerosis Community - 6
Oh, thank you. I have an invacare manual chair now. I was looking at the jazzy ones tho, on the site and they look nice. Thanks for helping me out with the things to consider when shopping for one. =] <32U