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Apr 30, 2014
"Hi KylieRussell1 - thank you for your email - first, I'd like to say thank you for volunteering on mission trips and for your making the effort to help this child and family. As you recognize, it is very difficult to deliver high tech ..."
Apr 12, 2014
"Hi Sherlingai3703 - I think your question is a very good one and I agree with you that you should know now about your reproductive health so you can plan accordingly. Most women transplant recipients can achieve a healthy pregnancy but..."
Oct 02, 2013
"Hi Damien3981 - thank you for your question. I'm sorry to hear that your son might need a heart/lung transplant. If he does need a heart/lung transplant the antirejection medications will be necessary to keep those organs functioning. ..."
Oct 02, 2013
"Hi Kareem14 - I'm glad to hear that your daughter is doing well after her liver transplant. Most girls have normal female hormone and organ function after liver transplant; many of the female liver transplant recipients at our center h..."
Jan 20, 2012
" While we remain unable to comment on individual CHOP patients or cases due to laws that protect patient privacy, we wish to state that we do not disqualify potential transplant candidates on the basis of intellectual abilities. We have..."
Jan 20, 2012
"first, I would like to congratulate you on your successful heart transplant and engagement! your question is somewhat outside the bounds of pediatric practice. I am not aware that immune suppresion from medication can be transmitted to..."
Jul 14, 2011
"Hi Pulakesh Das - I'm sorry but I am having trouble understanding your question. It sounds as though you have a 10 day old infant with posterior urethral valve obstruction that has already been repaired. If the obstruction was success..."
Jun 25, 2011
"First, I would like to say congratulations on your pregnancy and that I'm sorry that you are facing the frightening prospect of losing one twin before birth or having a serious illness after birth. it sounds as though your daughter-to-b..."
Mar 24, 2011
"Information regarding bone marrow donation is available from the national marrow donor program at Most donors are screened with a cheek swab, however blood draw will ultimately be required. Parents of a child who needs ..."
Mar 24, 2011
"Hi Christina - very sorry for the delay in response I've had some technical difficulties To give a more specific answer I would still need more information in what way the heart is undeveloped. the normal structure of the heart includ..."