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Feb 21, 2011
"I have to agree. I've taken Metformin for several years for my Diabetes and have had stomach issues every once in a while. I've also taken Zyprexa, which added pounds for me. "
Feb 11, 2011
"I'm wondering if the fact that my kitten was adopted from a shelter has anything to do with the fact that he doesn't like being alone for a few hours. If my husband and I are gone for let's say 3 or 4 hours, our kitten goes coo coo and ..."
Feb 11, 2011
"I don't post here. I was reading your responses and thought I'd throw in something. Most of the time I'm running in the depressed phase, where I can't seem to get anything done. I've had times where I have manic moments. I've only ha..."
Feb 06, 2011
"I have to agree, it isn't anyone else's business as to what's going on with your husband. I have Bi Polar Disorder. No, I haven't said to much regarding my Bi Polar. If they ask, I tell them."
Feb 06, 2011
"Hi Ed! Welcome aboard! My name is Linda. I too am Bi Polar. I also have diabetes and asthma. "
Feb 02, 2011
"There's nothing to be scared about really. I was dx'd about 8 years ago. I don't make it a point of bringing up my dx to people. I figure it this way, no one needs to know, especially if I don't know them and they aren't on a need to ..."
Jan 25, 2011
"In the past, recent and in the distant, I've had affairs. One was a physical affair. So far, in the last 18 months, I've had 3 emotional affairs. One person knew how I felt about him, the rest don't. I've had fantasies about having s..."
Jan 23, 2011
"I'm wondering if it's possible to be bi polar all your life and not have it diagnosed until you are in your 40's. Back when I was a child, both before and well into my teens, I had manic and depressive swings. One minute I was up, the ..."
Jan 18, 2011
"My insurance will cover a psychiatrist but won't cover a psychologist. I feel like I need to have one on board to help me out. I have Medicaid. Here in California, it's called Medi-Cal. They only cover the bear bones minimum. Has an..."
Jan 18, 2011
"I was wondering if you have a nebulizer you can use at home? I just got one myself and it does help me. "