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Jul 09, 2012 in the Addiction: Substance Abuse Community - 8
I am praying for you. Can you go to a doctor and see if you can be tapered? I don't know if you have insurance or not. Please keep us updated!!
Jul 06, 2012 in the Addiction: Substance Abuse Community - 8
Mine is a dependence as well. I can take timed dosages. I just know I can do this!! God is carrying me through this!! I'm half way there! Congrats to you! I'm proud of everyone that even trys!! It is so much better to be free!! Keep on keeping on! Thanks for your support!! Much needed and appreciated!! Ttgb
Jul 05, 2012 in the Addiction: Substance Abuse Community - 8
Seems like theres alot of clock watching no matter what stage of the game your in. It's either minutes or hours or days or weeks! Stay strong!! What your doing sounds like a plan! I know I'm not feeling the withdrawals from the patch as bad as I could be because I'm still taking Percocet even though the milligram is less and so is the quanti...
Jul 05, 2012 in the Addiction: Substance Abuse Community - 8
Bless your heart!! I am just trying to take this minute by minute. It's not horrible withdrawals like it could be. And for that I am so grateful to God! I just feel...I don't know...just not good. I guess the lower dose of meds is the blame. I never misused my meds...never took more or changed my patch early so I think that is on my side. I'm ...
Jul 05, 2012 in the Addiction: Substance Abuse Community - 8
I'm on my way to tapering off of Fentynal patch! I feel so ugghh!? I know it's time to get off of these meds and I'm so proud that I'm half way there!! I've tapered from 100mcg to 50mcg. In less than two weeks I'll bee Down to 25 mcg them to 12.5mcg two wks later!! I'm also tapering from Percocet 10mg to 7.5 --down in millig...
Anyone else tapering off this medicine? I'm down from 100mcg to 50mcg in just 2 months but the rest of the tapering will be much quicker due to a new doctor with a plan. I'm excited to get off this patch it's been almost a decade of opiates to treat chronic pain and now I am ready to try other methods of relief that I was never given the option...
Jul 02, 2012 in the Addiction: Substance Abuse Community - 6
How lOng and what mcg were you on with the Fentynal? I'm on my 2nd taper of the patch. Down from 100 mcg to 75 and just started the 50mcg today. How were the w/d from the Fentynal? Thanks.:)
Jul 02, 2012 in the Back & Neck Community - 2
Did you go see a doctor? Sounds like you need an MRI of your spine.
Jul 02, 2012 in the Anxiety Community - 4
You are helping raise them so why don't you get a say so in what goes on? Do you live with this man all of the time?? Share bills, etc?? If yes, you should have a say so. Hippie or not, it's my opinion that he should have put his foot down and firmly said NO to the showering with dad!! That, to me is weird and I am thinking could land dad In jail if...
Jun 30, 2012 in the Addiction: Substance Abuse Community - 2
This is what I posted 6/28/2012: I last posted on here 10/25/2010.  I was trying to get off of 100 mcg of Fentynal. Happy to say that I finally found a doctor to help me!!  Its been 17 months. My original doctor began the taper 4/1/2012. 100 to 75mcg.  It took him getting into a bit of trouble to start tapering patients or sending them to a pain clinic. I was...