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Feb 04, 2011
"im 9 weeks pregnant and I found out my husband been cheating on me since Nov 27 he was the breadwinner. I was the housewife and he carried my son on his taxes partially without my permission but i allowed him to cause i was expecting to ..."
Dec 30, 2010
"your vaginal walls or there was blood left after AF"
Dec 30, 2010
"hormonal imbalance the yellow could be caused by the increase in progesterone most people get it after ovulation the brown discharge is probably old blood or when u inserted the monistat u could have scarred"
Dec 15, 2010
"I have to agree with vrice....if it was a normal period then I doubt if you are pregnant..."
Dec 04, 2010
"Thank u very much Mariana!"
Dec 04, 2010
"No i have not had IVF, but the second line is just an inverted line and I read it is an evap if it is colorless so I'm guessing AF is on her way eventually cause i am 13-15dpo and it would be a definite positive by now.Thanks for the adv..."
Dec 04, 2010
"I took a New Choice hpt from the dollar tree and I got two lines but the result line was clear is that a bfn? I took several of these tests and this is the first time I have gotten a clear line. It's probably an evap, but have anyone els..."
Dec 01, 2010
"Not neccessarily all I can say it try taking temps or using opk sticks to determine if u are ovulating sometimes it takes a while for your body to get back to the way it use to be. I been off of mirena for 1 year and my cycles are anywhe..."
Nov 21, 2010
"it was probably a chemical pregnancy same thing happened to me... FRER are very sensitive.. I would say take another test just to be sure"
Nov 04, 2010
"I had it mines just cleared up maybe 5 to 6 months ago. I could express milk from my breast and my daughter is 4 years old now... I think Mirena did have something to do with it but I can't prove it but from personal experience I could s..."