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Nov 08, 2010 in the Pediatrics Community - 1
Sounds an awful lot like syncope. There are many things that can trigger it and while drinking gatorade and increasing sodium have been shown to help, there are also prescription medications that can be used. I am not sure which ones are approved in children but I know Midodrin is one commonly used medication. I would check with your sons cardiologist.
Nov 08, 2010 in the Parenting Teens (12-17) Community - 1
Some of it sounds like "typical" teenage rebelion, however the dramatic mood swings, the changing of basic personality traits and his weight drop I would consider asking his doctor. When teenagers are depressed all of these things are very common symptoms. You could try asking him to sit down and talk to you about what is going on, but it doesnt sou...
Nov 08, 2010 in the Maternal & Child Community - 3
I would suggest having your son/daughter take him in for his 18 month check up and teeth is one area they should check. But if they don't then have them bring it up. The longer teeth wait to come through the healthier they actually are, less likely to get cavities and have more calcium. A dentist could take x-rays to check to see that the teeth and devel...