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Apr 17, 2014
"Going to fess up and put this out there for everyone. Just got home from a 4 ,day hospital stay, due to infection. My Solv/riba tx ended Mon April 7, and I kept up my usual schedule, not wanting to admit our even Realize, at a certain po..."
Apr 16, 2014
"My GI said geno1's newest and best is coming this fall. My second try here, with Solv/Riba , successful thus far, and it has a 95% cure rate. But I am a geno 2. Personally, after the 48 wks of Int/ riba were unsuccessful (i, as others,..."
Apr 10, 2014
"I just photographed my labs but have to wait till I am on pc to post are results from 03 04 2014, the last labs. Will do more in a week or two. I am not exaggerating...the obsessiveness is already leaving the area. Yay. My old h..."
Apr 09, 2014
"Whoot whoot! "
Apr 08, 2014
"please excuse the many typos....they should improve in number as well. lol"
Apr 08, 2014
"The interferon, riba combo sides were murderous..grand ending was an internal case of Thrush! Went to 115_6 lb.,on my 5.6" frame... but I made it thro. (Albeit eventually, not successful) . Therefore this was a cakewalk by comparison. Bu..."
Apr 08, 2014
"Ahaha...I Love!! It!"
Apr 08, 2014
"Oh this is so cool. I want it "stick" this time! My Dr actually said, a couple of weeks will be Cured this time. In a bit of skeptical mood that day, I mentioned my first year of tx..he said ah, but I never made you a promise b..."
Apr 07, 2014
"That Riba is a real humdinger. This time it only made me emotional and obsessive. Oh boy. Lol. Nice combo..I wonder how much was truly the interferon interaction, on my first tx go roun a couple yrs back?. Who knows, right? Big differenc..."
Apr 07, 2014
"You bet! Exciting times Finally, for geno 2s. "