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Feb 18, 2012
"Believe me , you are anything but lucky. I know you were just joking. I have a very similar problem. I have tried everything that medicine has to offer except surgery (which they said is too risky). I have tried chiro, massage, yoga, p..."
Dec 20, 2011
"I hope your problem is resolved by now. I just read your post and it sounds so much like what I have been experiencing for about 8 years now. I am a very active 58 y/o male. In about 2003 I was running a marathon and started having upper..."
Nov 14, 2011
"I have the exact same problem. I am a lifelong runner. I am 58 y/o male. I noticed the soreness a few weeks ago. It hurts very badly when I first begin running but eases up some after a half mile or so. I can't really find the spot when ..."
Jan 30, 2011
"I thought I was reading my own thoughts when I read your post. I have had a back ache that has progressively grown worse over the past six years. I finally got an MRI and got the sad news that even though they see my problem(which is the..."