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Mar 22, 2013
"I've a little boy just turned 1 in February and I've 2 days left I'll definitely have my hands full! I'm going to try bouncing on the yoga ball from today but pineapple no way yuk! Another girl told me to jump from the 2nd or 3rd step th..."
Mar 22, 2013
"@babybump3 how did you have the energy to do all that? I'm lucky if I make it from the couch to the fridge!!! I will try all of these if this little man doesn't come by Sunday "
Mar 21, 2013
"Walking sideways up the stairs (my nana swore by this)! I just watched the goofy yoga dance to induce labour it's good for a giggle I could imagine bf walking in to see me dancing like a mad woman lol"
Mar 21, 2013
"Just for fun! What is the weirdest thing you've tried or heard of to start labour? For mommies who are over due or nearly due we could all use a giggle!!!!"
Mar 03, 2013
"I know I think the last few weeks feel like they take forever! I can't wait till my little man is here now I feel like I've been pregnant for years cause my last one only turned one last month! Really hope it happens soon for the both of us"
Mar 03, 2013
"I'm the same! It started like this for me last time too! "
Feb 18, 2013
"It just means your cervix is getting shorter! I wouldn't worry too much little girl was born at 34 weeks and she was perfectly fine! If they are anyway concerned doctors can give you a steroid shot to help strengthen baby's lungs! Good luck"
Feb 09, 2013
"A natural remedy that always works is bread soda mixed with water till its a paste it takes all of the sting out of a rash. Also you could try canestin cream and rinsing her bum with cooled boiled water! Keeping her nappy off will also h..."
Jan 20, 2013
"If can try raise your feet on a pillow when your in bed it always worked for me! "
Jan 11, 2013
"yeah i was told to drink lots of water too but like you it makes me feel i'll and bloated and just generally uncomfortable! Also the dr said lie on your side when you have painful bh. I'm high risk also and i see my dr every 2 weeks so i..."