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Jan 09, 2011
"My mistake, I thought you had smoked recently and just felt like this. Just read your other post. I'd strongly advise you to see a doctor. I don't think the weed caused it, but i'm not an expert. It COULD have. For people with a predi..."
Jan 09, 2011
"Hey buddy. I dissociate with my depression, and I smoke weed. Not an expert; but from experience i'd say it's the effects of the weed, somewhat temporarily, not a permanent mental health issue. I've had it before, its horrible, re..."
Jan 09, 2011
"Or not."
Jan 06, 2011
"Additional information. After taking more than the recommended dose, was very drowsy today and so whenever I'd close my eyes I'd be in super vivid dreams, talking to people, reading things etc and then I'd come to and be REALLY disorient..."
Jan 05, 2011
"I've been considering that possibility, because it almost seems as if its just like hyperrealistic thoughts? thing is it happens literally seconds after I close my eyes. for instance last night, closed my eyes (bear in mind i'd taken sle..."
Jan 03, 2011
"Recently, my clinical depression has been getting markedly worse. This has been through a significant increase in suicidal thoughts and planning, and most notably, some strange sleep phenomena. Every night now, when I close my eyes an..."
Jan 01, 2011
"Thanks for taking the time to provide such a thoughtful response. Yeah I'm still in psychotherapy, just not sure whether I will go when I get back. I think I will, just scared. I love how you said that sometimes one has to give up ..."
Dec 31, 2010
"hah, not getting any responses and I feel like an attention seeker. Please delete."
Dec 29, 2010
"I'm on a student exchange, on the other side of the world to home. I'm 17, nearly 18 and have been struggling with depression for the past 2-3 years. Been on a few different meds, two different places for weekly talking therapy. I fee..."