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Jun 20, 2013
"First, thank you for taking the time to write; this type of situation can be tricky to navigate, because clearly you don't want to act in a way that might hurt anybody's feelings (if you didn't care about this, you probably wouldn't hav..."
Jun 20, 2013
"Sounds to me like you are already doing a great job! As you know, many individuals with autism have significant deficits in communication skills, both in how they express themselves, and how well they understand what is being said to th..."
Feb 05, 2013
"I think what I would recommend most, besides suggesting that you not worry about this so much, is to simply observe your child closely during the first year of life, and see if there are any signs that might suggest that he or she has au..."
Dec 27, 2012
"While it is certainly possible that this is related to low blood sugar levels, there could be a number of other explanations for this type of behavior. Thus, it is important that you speak to your child's pediatrician about this, to det..."
Nov 30, 2012
"It would not be appropriate for me to offer any opinions about whether these behaviors may be related to medication for your child; I am not a physician, have never met your child, etc. However, fatigue, lethargy, and irritability are p..."
Nov 30, 2012
"It is just my opinion, but anytime a parent has concerns about their child, whether these are behavior issues or strictly medical issues, they should hsave these checked out. In this case, I would begin by talking to your child;s pediat..."
Nov 30, 2012
"To me, the important question is not whether or not this behavior is "part of his autism" or not; the more important question should be, why is he doing this and is there anything that can be done about it! Most inappropriate behavior..."
May 21, 2012
"It's important that you present your concerns to your child's pediatrician. I always suggest that people write down a list of the behaviors of concern ahead of time, so that they don't forget anything important. I'd also try to keep th..."
Mar 23, 2012
"Sensory integration therapy has been used with individuals with autism spectrum disorders since the 1970s. In this treatment, sensory stimulation (e.g., brushing, joint compression, swinging, etc.) is provided, with the thought that thi..."
Feb 17, 2012
"Unfortunately, I am not able to provide any suggestions about her condition may be--no one can, based upon a short description! However, what I think you should do first is to make a list of all of your concerns. lack of speech and dro..."