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Dec 22, 2012
"I did it you can too. "
Dec 22, 2012
"I have lost about 65lbs restricting my carb intake to 60 per meal. "
Nov 19, 2012
"I assume he is type2. He should limit his carbo intake to no more than 60 per meal. It sure worked for me. "
Jan 07, 2012
"Sit-ups and cruncxhes will help. Also lay off the carbohydrates."
Jan 02, 2012
"I thought I would chime in here about my own personal weight loss. All my adult life I was on a yo-yo diet. Lose it, put it back on, lose it...... When I was diagnosed in August 2010 I weighed 226 lbs. I was fortunate to be referred to a..."
Dec 30, 2011
"I lost from over 240 to low 160s by limiting carbs per meal to 60. It got to the point where I was concerned about the loss that I was considering posting here how to gain weight. What's your BMI. If It's less than 25, I would be happy."
Dec 24, 2011
" You're fine. The goal given me was less than 7%. My last was 5.3% and the doctor told me I had reversed my diabetes in that my numbers were those of a non-diabetic . Not cured but reversed"
Dec 10, 2011
"OK. I'll try it."
Dec 05, 2011
"How about diet, exercise and weight loss. "
Dec 01, 2011
"My low carb diet is 60 per meal. It sure has worked for me. Lost 63 lbs and A1C last time 5.3%. Doctor says my diabetes has been reversed without meds.Some times when shopping a bag of potato chips will jump into my cart but I put it rig..."