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May 25, 2012
"laynee has colic too :( wich ***** because i thought breastfeeding would prevent it.. she starts up screaming around 8:30pm then finally settles around midnight she can be pretty bad through the day too and nothing seems to settle her it..."
May 04, 2012
"lol im still in shock at how small she turned out to be seen as in my first was only 5 days over and weighed 7lb 11oz... shes actually lost a little weight and gone down to 6lb 1oz now X "
May 02, 2012
"thankyou and keostrand i know i couldnt believe how small she turned out to be a lot smaller than my first :o.. glad to hear you guys are doing so well :) X"
Apr 30, 2012
"hi guys just an update my little girl was born on the 27th started contracting a week before and got to 3 cm before the contractions stopped then my water broke on thursday and my labour started up again at 4am... she was born 12 days ov..."
Apr 20, 2012
"no sweep didnt do much for me this time allthough things are happening now dont think it had anything to do with the sweep i had 2 days ago :/ im exacly 5 days over due same as i was with my first and babys on her way so hopefully ill pr..."
Apr 18, 2012
"thanks hun, i had one on my due date with my first baby and it set me off into slow labour so im hoping that it works better this time with me being over due... good luck to you too chick hope your not waiting much longer x"
Apr 18, 2012
"so iv got my first internal later and my midwife is gonna try and start things off with a sweep... im 3 days overdue and when i had one with my first i went into labour streight after :) so fingers crossed exited to meet baby girl numbe..."
Apr 15, 2012
"today is my due date too.. been getting lots of braxton hics but other than that no sign, having my first internal done on wednesday if i still havnt gone into labour by then :) good luck hun"
Apr 13, 2012
"sounds like mastitis i never got it so dont have much info on it but thats what it was described to me as painfull lumps and swelling the doctor said if i did get it the best thing to do would be warm water massage and to carry on breast..."
Apr 13, 2012
"they can induce labour when your cervix is closed they just have to start with a gell to try and sofen it... sex is a good way to sofen your cervix it may take a few trys though hun but just be patient sex was what started me off with my..."