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Hello, Tendon injuries can be very difficult and may take a lot of therapy for recovery after repair of a tendon rupture. I am not a hand specialist, therefore, I would recommend that you see a hand specialist in your area to answer your questions. Thank you.
Hi I think this question should be asked to an orthopedic surgeon. They will be able to give you better advice for this concern. Thank you.
Hi - I'm not sure what you mean by nipples "splitting", but that would best be evaluated by a plastic surgeon in your area. Regarding your protruding nipples, this is what we refer to as gynecomastia. This is male breast enlargement that can occur around the time of puberty and usually resolves on its own. If it does not resolve, a plast...
Hi, I would recommend making an appointment to see a craniofacial surgeon. This is a plastic surgeon who specializes in skull deformities. Good luck!
Hi I'm sorry, but I do not know the plastic surgeons in that region. You may want to ask friends who have had cosmetic procedures and live in that region who they would recommend. Good luck!
Hi It is very hard to tell you the result you may obtain without examining you. A panniculectomy does by definition involve removing the skin below the belly button and a tummy tuck involves removing this skin while tightening the skin above the belly button and tightening your abdominal muscles. And the more weight you lose prior to surgery the better out...
I'm sorry, but I am not aware of any plastic surgery clinics in Thailand.
It is hard to give you an answer without a physical exam. In these situations, sometimes oral antibiotics or IV antibiotics may treat the infection and salvage the implant. At times, however, the implant may need to be removed in conjunction with antibiotics for proper treatment of this infection.
Hi If your nose is straight and you can breathe well then you will likely not require any further procedures on your nose in the future. It will take a while for the swelling to subside, may take several months. In terms of active sports, you should probably refrain from physical sports where you can injure your nose for up to a month.
Hi To learn more about this procedure, you should really speak to the neurosurgeon who you have seen. You can also see a craniofacial surgeon, who is a plastic surgeon who specializes in skull deformities.