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Feb 02, 2011 in the Breast Cancer Community - 2
Thnx Japdip. I just find it interfering with everything. The waiting for the op the procedure itself the recovery and then always checking for more. Ive had 8 more lumps some in my axillas pop up in the last 3mnths since the larger possible phyllodes where found. There both a bit bigger than an apricot and were only 10mm wen they were found 3 mnths ago. I can...
Feb 01, 2011 in the Breast Cancer Community - 2
I am getting a multiple lumpectomy done on the 18th of this month. Im only 19. And have had this same sort of op 2 yrs ago. I just wish it'd stop. They turned out the be fibroadenomas last time but this time they think they are phyllodes. I don't know whether to consider a double mastectomy and reconstruction just for the peace of mind? Is there any...
Feb 01, 2011 in the Breast Cancer Expert Forum - 5
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