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Sep 14, 2011
"Repeated. Symptoms mean nothing. If you believe so badly that your pregnant you can actually give yourself symptoms. Stress and everything can even cause missed periods and spotting, as well as soar breasts cramps bloating and constipati..."
Sep 14, 2011
"Thanks, ya I would have assumed that if I was pregnant the ultrasound would have shown it already wouldnt it? This is just so crazy, im not new to ovarian cysts but I havent gotten one in almost 2 years and this is the first time ive eve..."
Sep 13, 2011
"I was supposed to get my period on Augest 17. I started spotting on and off for the next 3 days, no period ever showed up. I had pms symptoms for the next three weeks, went to 2 different doctors, had 10 hpts and 1 blood test done all n..."
Sep 11, 2011
"sharp pains in abdomen could mean ovarian cysts. When I had ovarian cysts I would have this horrible pain, when one would burst it would get worse, brownish/red spotting. They can only diagnose it with an ultrasound though. I mean to me ..."
Sep 06, 2011
"Your not 18 and you trying for a kid? To me that sounds like a horrible idea. I have many friends who had kinds between the ages of 14 and 18 and they ALL wish they had waited. They all live with their parents and are stuck. I mean there..."
Sep 06, 2011
"Kinda confused with what you said but.. How does the hospital know your not preg if they didnt take a blood test? Did they do an ultrasound? Did you miss your period? what your experiencing could also be related to Ovarian cysts. I would..."
Sep 05, 2011
"So I went to the hospital because of alot of abdominal pain and back pain. I thought it could be a uti or a bladder infection but after a few hours of testing it wasnta yeast or vaginal infection, or a uti or bladder infection., She sugg..."
Sep 02, 2011
"I skipped my last period. My cycles are normally 26 days on the dot. didnt start spotting till 27 days then spotted for 5 days, no actual period. my next cycle from the one i missed isnt due for a week."
Sep 01, 2011
"No, I have no idea. I looked on the paper she wrote down before i got it test and it just said hcg blood test. But she didnt give me any numbers, Im more worried now something may be wrong with my system, my sisters have endometreosis, ..."
Aug 31, 2011
"Got my blood work back, she said it was negative. But the symptoms havent left. Breast and new nipple pain. lower cramps, and not painful sex but my cervix is tender and sensative, and my skin is breaking out, this only ever happens wh..."