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Jul 13, 2014
"ok then it sounds like early ovulation is common for you! I think you have a great chance of catching the eggie :)"
Jul 13, 2014
"You're welcome :) I went to you're page and saw that would put your ovulation at cd12... Kind of early especially on a clomid cycle. Maybe try testing opks for a few more days. I know you got those expensive digi smiley ones though!!! S..."
Jul 12, 2014
"I'd say take your morning temp and see if it's rising. I know temping is a pain in the rear, but it's really the only way to confirm you really ovulated. Aside from that, I know you can get a false positive on opks but it's pretty rare. ..."
Oct 04, 2013
"Are you feeling better today? If it persists I would get checked at ER or call your OB for advise. It could be signs of early labor."
Oct 04, 2013
"I wouldn't worry about it too much. As long as you are taking prenatles and your OB isn't concerned then you shouldn't be either. Most thin women such as yourself are blessed with the most beautiful bumps that barely start to pop at arou..."
Sep 30, 2013
"ask for referral to a psychiatrist. Your GP is a Dbag. God bless and hang in there"
Sep 05, 2012
"As of today I still cannot upload pics to any journals I post!! Help?!"
Sep 05, 2012
"Is there a correlation between eating animal based foods and developing kidney stones?"
Aug 28, 2012
Jul 21, 2012
"My heart just breaks for you. I found some info that hopefully will help you to redirect your focus from questioning your situation to coming up with a plan of action for recovery... (3rd paragraph is REALLY important) Treatment of HO..."