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Sep 30, 2012
"could b a cyst as in PCOs or maybe (God forbid) an ectopic pregnancy. ..althu since its lingered that much its most probably a cyst on that side...this is usually visible in an u/s thats probably y ur GPs referred u to a Gyne. hope u..."
Sep 27, 2012
"Dr will probably do an u/s, check ur hormones levels and ask a couple of questions to rule out pregnancy or hormonal imbalance from dieting exercising or stress etc.. Good luck"
Sep 27, 2012
" usually the days before the egg is released are the days u will most likely have a girl. also there r some diets online for ppl who have gender preferences. hope that helped! Good luck"
Sep 27, 2012
" u r def in the danger zone but since the morning after pill s not legal in ur country, u need to take normal contraception 2 pills 2 times on the day. good luck"
Sep 27, 2012
" First of all, u need to know exactly when ur body ovulates so u can rather catch the egg instead of having sex randomly. its usually around the middle of ur cycle so if u have a 28 day cycle u shud ovulate between days 14 − 16. Also, t..."
Sep 27, 2012
"I agree with Desarae, It all goes down to the length of ur cycle. women usually ovulate mid cycle. that is being said u have a 28 day cycle. if ur actively trying to get pregnant try consulting a Dr and getting some blood tests don..."
Sep 27, 2012
" Sorry wrong answer LOL. hmm...Anyways, Yes if ur TTC ur body may also show u a BFP right now on a stick..have u tested? I think u shud take a test n c.. Good luck!"
Sep 26, 2012
" Ur DHs problem is not a severe one, u can def conceive but ull need some help. Clomid is some times prescribed for men and has proven successful. y not ask ur Dr about it ?.. Good luck!"
Dec 10, 2011
" Sorry the itch is so bad. can't u apply some sort of cream on them to relief the symptoms at least? it must b frustrating especially along with the other symptoms lack of sleep and back pain! hope u feel better soon. ur lil princess w..."
Dec 09, 2011
" thats amazing news! Jacob is home doing good and nicholas will def follow real soon! I'm so happy for u and the lil ones for all the progress they'v done. will keep the prayers and wait for more pix on the lil ones :)"