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Sep 01, 2014
"hi there ella, thank you for your advice :) yes, I really do like the idea of a nutritionist, also because i am suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, which may actually even be linked to my ED. agreed on that. I prefer to go solo i..."
Aug 30, 2014
"[trigger warnings: disordered eating, weight, body image, self harm, weight loss, medication] hello all. The title really says it all but I've got a little background info to share... i've been fat all my life. I dont think, even a..."
Jan 14, 2014
"Hi all, I have recently found out that my stomach and bowel issues are all due to IBS, and am having horrible symptoms. For the past seven or so months I had been on a low dose of Zoloft for depression, but now that things are looking up..."
Mar 10, 2012
"so my dad has informed me that exercising frequently, like doing the activities that set off my asthma, will make my asthma go away. like, basically, "trigger your asthma all the time, and then you will not be asthmatic anymore" it sound..."
Jan 10, 2012
"so my friend had the Nuss Procedure in mid december, and we have a trip to disneyland in mid May. she cant get ahold of her doctor, so does anyone here know if she can go on roler coasters by may? six months after the surgery? please ..."
Sep 14, 2011
"alright. and my head rushes dont feel like what you're describing, so we can hope they're irrelevant, i guess. i'll definetly be keeping an eye out for any other symptoms, or the worsening of ones that i already have. thank you so much..."
Sep 13, 2011
"so i'm a 17 year old girl, and i'm really worried that i might have anxiety problems of some sort. my mom has a panic disorder, and according to her, i dont have any problems. but for a while now [[about 8 months since i first noticed]] ..."
Jul 14, 2011
"i'm pretty sure, in my case, it can... but i'd just like a second opinion... cuz i guess i'm... curious. i dont know if that's the right word, but i want to know. well, for the past like year and a half, i've been basicaly hell-bent o..."
Jul 14, 2011
"i get that too! i'm not quite sure what it is, but i think it may be hives, which i get on a regular basis... also, it could be from shaving too, like really nasty razor burn. try getting some Gold Bond anti itch powder, like the super s..."
Jul 14, 2011
"i prefer tampons, but i usually end up wearing both because i have a heavy period, and it's hard to get out of class to go to the bathroom during that time of month X/ but tampons are certainly better than walking around with a giant wad..."