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Mar 22, 2011 in the Parenting Teens (12-17) Community - 2
No..unless they are temporarily without out funds and it has 2b done, no I don't THINK u are. but details are definately needed.
Mar 18, 2011 in the Parenting Teens (12-17) Community - 56
I'm glad u said that about trying to prove independance. My son does this not showing up or telling me where he is or answering his phone whenever he doesn't get his way. I can't tak away the phone because how will I contact him when he is ready to answer. i've locked him out tonight. Maybe all weekend. I'm a single parent and I ...
Mar 15, 2011 in the Agoraphobia Community - 3
I heard that. Good on u DJ!
Mar 15, 2011 in the Agoraphobia Community - 1
I know the heavy head. Sounds very familiar. I still hold my breath a lot. "Him" and the babies are gone. It is the way it is for a reason. You may never know, and it only seems like it matters. It's the pain that causes the confusion. There is a book that helped me very much."One Day my Soul Just Opened Up". But not everyone ...
Mar 15, 2011 in the Agoraphobia Community - 1
Keep trying. One tiny step at a time. I'm living with it. I go out and do what I'm supposed to do everyday, and when I really wanns stay in, I walk instead of using the car. i don't even really give myself free days anymore, where I give myself a break from trying to get out. i still have fear, but I always go when I'm afraid, (not nec...
Mar 14, 2011 in the Smoking Addiction Community - 5
That's pretty scary..good on u both for where u are now. I have a son who has encouraged me to quit many times, but I just keep sucking away. Well, I have 7 days now, so I'm just going to keep trying. I really want a cigarette today..hopfully I make it. I'm writing my last paper, and I'm use to having the cigarette with the paper writi...
Mar 13, 2011 in the Parenting Teens (12-17) Community - 25
Exactly to all of the above. AND they have bad aim all the time anyway, so at no point would it be necessary to hold it for them. Ever. That's clean up duty as explained above. Go get the bleach spray and handle your biznez in the bathroom please. AND I don't have a penis at all, or even a penil like appendage attached to my body that would allow f...
Mar 03, 2011 in the Parenting Teens (12-17) Community - 7
I'm already so glad I joined this forum. Great advice on the automatic no Annie. i always explain myself because I'm worried about his feelings, but it feels like because I need his permission in front of his friends. I'm a single parent and really short on patience lately, so a new perspective is really great to have!!
Mar 03, 2011 in the Nutrition Community - 9
Thanks for all the great information and I'm definately getting in on the barely grass!! The best part of the answer was finding out the reason behind supplements. Now I know why people buy organic. I don't because it's expensive, and I'm a students...but I think it's a good thing becuase it support the community. But now I have a...
You should definately see a doctor. And if you do get any diagnoses you should remember that it is a way to help define a treatment plan, not an identity.