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Mar 10, 2011
"I wanted to share some encouraging news for people who have Chronic Hep B and have financial difficulty affording Baraclude. I contacted Brystol Myers Squibb and applied for the Patient Assistance Program. The website and application is ..."
Mar 02, 2011
"Hi Stefano, thanks for answering my posts. In 2000 I was diagnosed with Chronic Hep B. I did Interfuron and Hepsera over the years as well as Epivir. In 2006 I was told that my viral load was undetectable. Last month after not feel..."
Mar 02, 2011
"My AST and ASL are 135 and 303"
Mar 02, 2011
"According to my latest labs: Hep B Virus DNA >110000000 H IU/mL Hep B Virus DNA >640200000 copies/mL Just how bad is this exactly? I feel like my Gastro is being dodgy when I ask him. He has said it's high..."