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Jun 13, 2011
"i found our i am 7 1/2 weeks pregnant and im due feb 1 the only thing is i really dont know what to do i mean im not with the father anymore and im in the military so its is going to be hard people are looking down on me when i say i wan..."
Apr 13, 2011
"i will sue for sure because it just means they gave you pills that could harm the baby and had you take them so yeah i will lol.someone said that to me too on one of my post cause this one was for a doctor and when i posted it in a form ..."
Apr 11, 2011
"i haven't had any problems with my navel and my abdomen yes. i dont know about heart burn but a lot of chest pain and headaches and i really wish i could change dr but im in the military we get who we get. i also got a blood test mine wa..."
Apr 08, 2011
"thats good you have only done pot but heroin thats very bad i know a lot of people whoi have died from it and a lot who have almost died from it i know people who got off and stayed off but that number is really low and i know a lot that..."
Apr 07, 2011
"if he god need her a little more than why has he put me through so much pain my whole life i cant even remember one good time i had they all seem to be ok and then they go from ok to horrible and if god was real he would want good in lif..."
Apr 07, 2011
"i was seeing this guy for over 2 years and he kept wanting to do anal or give him head or have sex all the time he knew about my past and what happened in my past was when i was 5 till i was 8 my dad would make me give him head and i sti..."
Apr 07, 2011
"hello.....well everything all started when i was 15 i lost my favorite uncle and i seen how bad it effected everyubody else i became stong to support them and once they was feeling better they assumed i was and kept going on with there t..."
Apr 07, 2011
"the good thing is he told you that is one good thing. but marijuana is not as bad as everybody makes it out to be. i smoked it for 5 years and i quit and im now in the military living life drug free been this way for almost 3 years now. ..."
Apr 01, 2011
"it has been almost 5 years since i lost my mom and i cant deal with the pain. i was the closest person to her. she was my best friend. even though i was so close to her i was the last person to find out. and every night i dream the same ..."
Apr 01, 2011
"thank you so much"