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Feb 15, 2015
"Hello, I'm new to the GERD community, but I've had acid reflux problems off and on for 10 years. I am sober, I don't drink alcohol or smoke or do drugs. I do LOVE my coffee, and today is my first day trying to give it up. I've been takin..."
Dec 20, 2012
"Hi guys and gals! This time last year was not easy on triple TX, but it was bearable. I am so hapy to be free and healthy. To anyone struggling out there, you're in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you all a very happy holiday, and to my ..."
Oct 24, 2012
"Thanks! Yeah, I've emailed my doctor 3 times asking her to do a fasting blood glucose test, but she keeps saying the non fasting a accurate enough. If it was low, I want to have further tests done. I think I am going to get a new doctor...."
Oct 24, 2012
"Hi everybody! In the past 3 months, I wake up in the morning and my feet are numb. After I get up and walk around the numbness goes away within about 5-10 minutes. I also urinate often and get fatigues (which may be normal, plus I drink ..."
Oct 22, 2012
"Thanks! I'll try that! I still have a dry patch that won't heal. "
Oct 16, 2012
"Hi friends, I got my 1 year mark blood test result, and my doctor emailed me, she used the words "cured from hep C", she says she considers the triple therapy a cure, and I have remained UND since week 2 of the start of TX is September 2..."
Sep 18, 2012
"Thanks Jules! How are you these days? "
Sep 18, 2012
"Thanks for your response, yeah, I've never had foot pain in my life, but I recall having had the same pain in the beginning of TX, I hope it imporves. How are you now that you've treated 2 times? And, what is an anti inflamatory diet? Th..."
Sep 18, 2012
"Hey you! I am UND! Next month I will do my blood test to determine SVR! YAY! Yes, I went skydiving on TX, haha! I didn't have any of these problems previously, I finally found an over the counter psoriasis shampoo that works well, my imm..."
Sep 18, 2012
"These foot problems are no fun! I'm 30, and this is all new to me. I hope your pain gets better, try stretching maybe :)"