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Nov 09, 2013
"Thank you for your insightful reply. After surgery my instructions were to use crutches for only 2 or 3 days so I did that and then started walking without them. I did use them when I felt very uncomfortable. Most of the pain was from th..."
Nov 03, 2013
"I had a surgery for a torn meniscus 9 days ago and arthritis cleaned up under my knee. I had a partial medial menisectomy. I was told after surgery that 50% of the meniscus was torn. The knee gets a little better each day, but is still ..."
Jul 01, 2013
"I just had my appendix out 4 weeks ago and the diagnosis came back :acute and chronic appendicitis". At my post op last week, my surgeon said, "Your stomach has been bothering you for awhile, hasn't it." I told him that it's been botheri..."
Jun 11, 2013
"I had an appendectomy last Wednesday. Every day since then I have felt better. Yesterday I started noticing a stabbing pain where the appendix used to be and today it's even worse. Is this normal? Shouldn't it be getting better each day?..."
Feb 09, 2013
"I had SVT for 20 years and was able to have a successful ablation for AVNRT type of SVT. You are on the right tract to try and figure out what can help or hurt. I found that fish oil, especially krill triggers my arrythmia. So does Coq10..."
Nov 17, 2012
" I know you've suffered with this for a long time and I pray that you'll finally get some relief. This rythm thing is such a hard thing to deal with."
Nov 10, 2012
"I also had SVT and my ablation was in the AV node for SVT. I had 2 pathways and one had to be burned to stop the SVT. I suspect yours must have been the same type of burn. Don't try to do things too soon as the heart takes months to hea..."
Aug 09, 2012
"When I tell doctors that I think fish oil is causing palps, they don't acknowledge it at all. It works for a lot of people including my husband who uses it faithfully. You just have to listen to your body on some of these things. That s..."
Aug 07, 2012
"I haven't been here for awhile because things have been going pretty good. Recently my blood pressure is lower than normal and my heart rate is close to 100. When I go from any position to upright, even slowly, I start blacking out. What..."
May 04, 2012
"My hormones also made mine much worse when I was in that season of my life as well as perimenopause. When I went into menopause things acutually go so much better and some years I didn't have a single attack. With age, however, things st..."