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Mar 21, 2013
"Hi, Hector, I know you are not a fan of natural treatment options. But since your situation seems grave, i would simoly like to tell you what i would try, beyond the TACE, to reduce the AFP. I would take a very high daily res..."
Jul 21, 2010
"The NGI tests are not manufactured by someone else, but use a genuine complex technology, using many proprietary machines and large devices that are not available for purchase , testing can only be done on site, nowhere else. I do not..."
Jul 21, 2010
"If you tested UND with either the NGI ultraqual or quantasure (same sensitivity limit) at 12 and 24 weeks post treatment you are SVR beyond any reasonable doubt. The term "cured' needs to be defined, it has an emotional content to some, ..."
Jul 21, 2010
"I do not have direct performance comparisons for the quest TMA vs PCr, but would consider it my second best option at this moment, nevertheless. The problem with the transcription mediated amplification technology is its inherent compexi..."
Jul 20, 2010
"I want to clarify the reason why labcorp temporarily had to shut down the NGI quantasure test. New California state lab regulations require that in the performance of a clinical test, not for research, all and absolutely all personnel..."
Jul 17, 2010
"The question if mixing "ALA' and R-Lipoic acid could be toxic is really very simple to answer. ALA is a racemate , that is a mixture of S and R Lipoic acid, 50% each approx, because the classical chemical synthesis process cannot dist..."
Apr 25, 2010
"Re lipoic acid; it is better to use 2 x 100mg a day than nothing. Spread the dose, Lipoic acid is degraded in metabolism just like a fatty acid ( it basically is just a short fatty acid with two SH groups riding on it.) Vitamin D2 wou..."
Apr 24, 2010
"evangelin : Your RLA looks like the right thing. It should say sodium lipoate, not sodium lipoic acid, but I guess it is in fact sodium lipoate, the sodium salt of R-lipoic acid. This is not only better absorbed than straight R Lipo..."
Apr 24, 2010
"i hope nobody gets confused by the double use of the abreviation ALA.... Flaxsee is a good source for alphalinolenic acid. Alpha Lipoic acid, on the other hand, is found in food only in small amounts, since it is naturally present onl..."
Apr 24, 2010
"Go look at the ingredient of your RLA. What are the milligrams/capsule/or per serving ?( Beware of not taking into account the "serving size" to which the content list always refers, not always one capsule!) Then, is it R alpha lipoic a..."